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Djinn of Love & Angels of Venus Portal Solomon Pentacles Ring
Djinn of Love

Angels of Venus

Pentacle of
Solomon Ring

This offering is for a powerful Djinn of Love Ring & Venus Angel Portal, summoned & created Exclusively by my associate Maantefin, utilizing Solomon’s Holy 5 Pentacles of Venus Spells & Conjurations. This piece was created during the correct planetary night & hour, when Venus is aligned appropriately with the Earth and Moon.

This Djinn not only embodies but radiates the Highest Love Energies. They Inspire Love and Strengthen relationships between you and others; romantic, business, family and friendships. Those involved do not need to know that you’re working with this Entity~ your own intent to create peace and harmony within certain situations and relationships is what is important. These Entities also help to ease conflicts within an individual, opening the way for love and harmony to reign supreme within. These Unique Djinn are beneficial in a variety of ways~ they have the ability to uplift your spirits and bring a greater sense of joy and peace within, as well as showing you the steps you need to take to have a more beneficial and fulfilling life.

They can help you: to have greater compassion, learn forgiveness, soothe your broken heart, find a soulmate or strengthen the bonds within your current relationship, ignite passion between two people, feel more peaceful, have restful slumber, increase your creativity, break free from ruts and old negative patterns that are holding you down, to love unconditionally, appreciate and totally enjoy your physical body, attract prosperity, and bring playfulness and wonder into your life.

Your Djinn can manifest in the form of orbs, pink flashes of light, dark shadows, and in human spectral form, the males are extremely handsome, and the females are incredibly beautiful.

Besides your connection to a powerful Djinn, this Ring is also a Portal to the Angels of Venus. These Angels will automatically come through the Portal to Bless your Life! They bring enhanced blessings in the areas of Love, Romance, Beauty and Attraction.

Inspiration, wisdom, and the ability to connect with other realms are all Enhanced while working with this Ring. These Spirits are also helpful in attracting Good Luck and Fortunes. They are Powerful Protectors and will help keep Evil Spirits away. They will also help safeguard you from ill wishes, hexes/curses, evil eye and negative energy that have been sent from another person, especially when the basis of the act is jealousy.

Overall, this powerhouse Ring is incredible as there is no limit to what your Djinn and the millions of Angels can do for you! Their presence will impact your life in the Most Positive ways!

Your purchase is for 1 Djinn of Love & Venus Angels Portal Ring, with a heart-shaped light pink cz gem, set in stainless steel.  Please choose your size from the drop-down menu.  Also please note your gender preference (if you have one). My camera could not capture the dazzling beauty of this ring! This ring sparkles with the intense loving energy of your Djinn & the Angels of Venus!
**if you do not like the style of the ring, it can be switched for a simple stainless steel band; let me know what size you need before you  checkout so I can check availability.

All information will be included in your shipment.

Djinn gender preference?:

Djinn of Love & Angels of Venus Portal Solomon Pentacles Ring

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