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Divine Wealth Attraction Attunement
This Wealth Attunement places your Spiritual Energies in the Universal Cosmic Flow of Wealth, Riches & Treasures. When we face financial difficulties in life, our personal financial vibration/energy pattern can shift from positive to one of desperation, anxiety and despair. Within the laws of attraction, this (unintentional) shift will keep you there, where you do not want to be. This Attunement will help gently shift your financial vibrations/energy pattern back to positive so you’re better able to connect with the Universal Wealth Energies. This Attunement diminishes blocks and uplifts your energy so that money, wealth & prosperity will be attracted to you. If you are open to receiving, you will start seeing many wealth blessings unfolding before you.

This Attunement can be done as often as you prefer. You can combine this Attunement with any other Attunement. They will all work effectively together to enhance your life!

This Attunement will be delivered via Spiritually distant Chi-ball method. I prepare the energy and send it to you. You receive/open the energy at your convenience. This is a service I am providing for you, therefore you will not receive anything in the mail.

Divine Wealth Attraction Attunement


    S​tarry 1 Night

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