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Dedun Nubian Djinn of Vast Riches Temple of Tentyra Ring
The Ibn Nushbah Order Presents a Rare Treasure

From the Hathor Temple
The Temple of Tentyra

    Deep within the Treasury Room
…. a Secret Chamber was Unearthed….
…. a Pure Gold Box held Precious Gems ~ Rubies, Diamonds and Something FAR more Valuable….


A devout member of the Ibn Nushbah Order (the First group of Magi to interact with the Djinn) were among the three individuals uncovering this treasure for the First time in History. The Box had an inscription which translated to: “The Vault of Heaven.” Only One Man – Maantefin’s Ancestor- had the Knowledge and Expertise to decode the Hieroglyphics inside the Gold Box and realized he had discovered some of the World’s Most Powerful Djinn. These Djinn were transferred from their Original crumbling talismans to the Rings being offered today! Each of these Ancient Relics were designed to be housed in a talisman that closely resembled their original vessel. The Rings being offered from this Exclusive Collection are all Very Old and Worn, and each one offers a Unique Character and Energy, which you will see and feel just by looking at the photos!

This Secret Box was buried on order of Pharaoh Osorkon I. Osorkon collected all of the Power Objects in Egypt together so he could suppress the Theban Priesthood, who had gained too much temporal power in Egypt. Pharaoh Osorkon I put the symbol of Heka on the lid of all the boxes of silver and gold that held the Power Objects of Egypt. The Heka Symbol is the emblem of the Ultimate Divine Power of Creation in the Universe. Heka was embodied as the God who gave rise to all the Gods and to All Created Things. The temples of the Favored Gods received these boxes and buried them for safe keeping knowing that the power of the objects in the boxes would continue to work even while buried. These were the Djinn of the Pharaoh’s ~ they bestowed upon them Incredible Power, Valuable Jewels, Vast Knowledge & Foresight, Dream Premonitions, Prophetic Visions, Enhanced Psychic Abilities, the Ability to Travel to other Realms and much more.

For your consideration is the remarkable Top Level Djinn, eager to assist you on your Spiritual journey. Welcome this Djinn and you automatically open Spiritual doorways that will bring solutions and outcomes exceeding your expectations! If you are in any situation where you need to leave because of toxic negative energies, this Djinn will let you know when the time is right and he will support you fully. Walk away from the restrictions and be free! You have nothing to fear! You will be able to tap into the Universal forces that will enhance your Spiritual/Psychic Centers as well as the flow of Prosperity! Working with this Djinn, you may begin to notice a vibrational "hum" as he brings you into Higher Divine Alignment. Any repairs to your Aura or Chakras will be forefront and your Energies will Shine from his stabilization processes. This provides a foundation through which greater quantities of Positive Energy may be processed and integrated into your body far more easily, bringing about greater changes in conscious awareness and focus! He brings a very peaceful presence, but is also a fierce defender and protector. Evil/Malevolent Spirits & Energies are Banished when he is near! This Djinn can help you in all areas. Call upon this Compassionate Djinn with an open heart and all of your needs will be met in the most gentle and loving ways!

This Djinn is aligned with the Nubian God Dedun, the God of incense, extreme luxuries, vast riches and overabundance.  He will bring you wealth, abundance, prosperity, success and all of your wishes into fruition!  He manifests in a wide variety of ways, including (but not limited to): flashes of light, orbs, smoke rising from the talisman, the ring tingling to the touch, or in human form as a handsome man. Depending on your capabilities, you will be able to see him during meditation & visions and he may also visit you in your dreams.
His vessel is this exceptional Ancient Ring, Size 9.75 with a deep Green Stone. It has a beautiful, intricate band with Alchemical symbols of manifestation.  There is some lovely patina on the band. Daily wearing of this Relic is not recommended. Perfect for a Man or Woman, this Djinn will be a wonderful addition to your life!
Sociable, kind and gracious, he will be most welcomed by All other Spirits you may already have in your collection. All of the Spirits I offer are perfect to bring into a family environment ~ full of White-light Love & Compassion, they will never bring harm to you or your loved ones rather, they offer the utmost in loyalty and protection!

All pertinent information will accompany your shipment.

Dedun Nubian Djinn of Vast Riches Temple of Tentyra Ring

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