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Daughters of the Goddess Circe High Priestess Spellcast Amulet
Daughters of the Goddess Circe High Priestess Spellcast Amulet
Utilizing the teachings of my Ancestors, I’m honored to present you with this beautiful Amulet imbued with Goddess Circe (pronounced: “sir-see” ) and Spellcast with some of my most powerful Goddess Spells. This Amulet will awaken, honor and strengthen the Goddess in you. As women, we are innately strong and powerful. We give birth, we sustain life. Our hormones cycle monthly and our emotions fluctuate. We are innate survivors with tireless dedication to those we love. The Spells imbued into this amulet are specifically for women and all of the challenges we face. To bring empowerment, support and awakening of our inner Goddess.

In Greek Mythology, Circe was known as a powerful Goddess, Sorceress and Magickal Enchantress. As the daughter of Hecate, she retained a vast knowledge of potions and herbs, which she used in her Magickal workings. Several feared her because she would bring retribution to those who crossed her. She does not take lightly to crimes against women and children and will seek justice for those who are abused or mistreated. Circe had many lovers and men kissed the ground she walked on. Her intoxicating beauty and enchanting Magickal Aura would place anyone she desired under her spell. Goddess Circe comes as your personal High Priestess and will assist you in discovering hidden mysteries, and support and guide you with any issues you are facing.

These Spells I’ve imbued into this Amulet will assist you by:
*giving an added boost to your femininity, awakening or renewing your sensual, soft energies
*enhancing beauty & glamour in all her forms no matter your age or stage in life; you will radiate a refreshing, youthful glow; alluring and enchanting others with your presence
*bringing strength, confidence in leadership roles, awakening of your inner Warrior when you face uncertain or difficult times (especially related to womanly issues)
*bringing understanding and peace in relationships; between family members, or significant others
*bringing loving & empathetic energy in all situations
*bringing emotional stability and balance, patience and kindness, especially during difficult times
*awakening your psychic abilities and strengthening your intimate connection to the Divine
*your confidence and positive self-esteem will be noticed by the other women in your life and they too will feel good/empowered simply by talking to you or being in your presence

Your purchase is for 1 Goddess Circe Spellcast amulet set in solid .925 sterling silver with a London Blue cz gem, acccented with a tiny white cz gem. Free sterling silver Recharging chain included. This will be one you’ll want to wear daily!

All information will accompany your shipment. Thank you for your consideration. Goddess bless! )0(

Daughters of the Goddess Circe High Priestess Spellcast Amulet

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