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Dark Italian Sanguine Vampire Oscurita Ring
Dark Italian
Sanguine Vampire
Oscurita Ring
  This powerful Vampire was summoned utilizing the Ancient Black Magick Teachings of Dark Stregheria (Italian Witchcraft). Oscurita means Darkness in Italian. These invocations call upon the Oscurita Sanguinarian Vampires that will consume the blood of you or your enemies. You can command him or her to feed on whomever you choose. They have an unstoppable blood-lust so they will eagerly feed on them, and you as well, but only with your permission. They will not feed on you unless you tell him/her that they can. They can drain the energy/life force from your enemies and transfer that revitalizing energy to you, and/or they can feed off you and make you stronger and more virile. As your blood mingles with their Supernatural blood, you will feel amazing Vampiric powers; increased energy, focus, speed, sight, hearing, strength and healing. Their cellular nature will co-mingle with yours, offering you amazing supernatural abilities, which you can develop further, if you so choose.

The Oscurita Sanguine Vampires are Darker natured and enact justice and retribution for the wrongs others have done to you. They will seek out your enemies and bring them suffering, harm, accidents, setbacks, money loss, relationship breakups, or anything else you want for them.

These Vampires can be some of the most passionate of Spirit lovers and you can have amazing sexually erotic experiences with him or her. He or she will take great pleasure in pleasing you. They can be extremely seductive, enticing you to experience their powers. Their energies will co-mingle with yours as you reach incredible new heights of orgasmic pleasures. Hot blood, sex, leather, whips, etc. Let your mind run wild as they are eager to fulfill your darkest fantasies!

This Vampire will want to be your constant companion, confidant and lover. They bring immense protection and will care for you in all ways. By welcoming an intensely Sexual Vampire such as this, it is natural for their Charisma to ‘rub off’ on you as well ~ you may experience insatiable sexual encounters, heightened libido, increased stamina and a magnetic allure in which others find you irresistible!

Your Vampire is attached to this gorgeous stainless steel Ring with a blood-red garnet cross. Choose your size from the drop-down menu. There are a variety of your Entities hair/eye colors available - if you have a preference, please let us know upon checkout.  You do not have to wear the Ring on your finger to bond. You could also carry with you or keep in a special place. Perfect for a man or woman, you don’t want to be without this incredible Vampire!

All pertinent information will be included in your shipment.

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Dark Italian Sanguine Vampire Oscurita Ring

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