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Dark Arts Kitsune Magick Japanese Fox Amulet
Dark Arts

Dark Grey 9-Tailed

Magick Japanese
A Kitsune is a Magick Japanese Celestial Fox with many Supernatural Abilities. These Kitsunes were summoned utilizing Japanese Black Magick Kotodama Invocations that are Centuries Old.  These are the divine words of the Shinto divination ritual known as Ukehi and supplemented with secret oils, herbs and planetary alignment.  These Kitsunes are benevolent but have a darker nature. They are very knowledgeable Kitsune who brings: animal healing & assistance with animal care, advanced powers of divination, astral travel, invisibility, bestowing lucid dreams & visions, the ability to manipulate time & space, bring you money and grant wishes. They have the ability to see and hear anything that happens anywhere in the World. They speak all languages and have infinite wisdom. The more tails a Kitsune has, the more powerful it is. They have a total of 9 tails, which is the highest number a Kitsune can have and they are incredibly rare because they are a dark-grey color.

As Yako Martial Arts Kitsunes, they have a trickster side that they will use to thwart your enemies or competition or revenge upon those who’ve hurt you. One way this can be accomplished is causing them confusion through illusions. In this regard, they cannot keep focus on harming you as they will be caught up in their own problems. They move stealthily like a ninja, and can covertly slink past any defensive/protective Magick others may have in place. This Kitsune does not cause mischief for his/her keeper, but will cause it for anyone whom their keeper commands. they are extremely loyal and benevolent towards their keeper.

 Their Element is the Void/Darkness, which is where the beginning of manifestation occurs. The place where a thought or wish is made and comes into being. All of the Magick in the Universe resides in the Void, and only through your thoughts/intentions starts the process of fruition. They are highly capable of manipulating and working with energy to manifest your dreams into reality. He/she has the power to bend time and space, shapeshift, teleport, bring you vast riches, encourage love, enhance relationships, and access Universal Wisdom. They will strive very hard to repay any favor granted them. They will also bestow you with remarkable gifts such as protection, knowledge and a long, happy life!

 They shapeshift into attractive men & women. In their human form, they can be a seducitve, lustful partner. They are incredibly romantic with an alluring charisma that can charm the pants off anyone! They also have the power to shapeshift into the exact duplication of any person or celebrity. He/she is a very faithful guardian, friend and (if you so choose) lover.

Your purchase is for 1 Dark Arts Kitsune, housed in this gorgeous sheen obsidian, hand-carved amulet, with a beaded cotton Recharging cord attached.  Choose your gender preference from the drop-down menu.  The amulet measures 1.75". Wear, carry with you or keep someplace special to be bestowed your Kitsune's blessings! Obsidian helps ground Spiritual experiences into the physical, helping you to integrate them into your life. It brings good luck and is a powerful stone to use during meditation. Helps purify thoughts and actions, releasing anger and old, negative patterns and bad habits. It has a deep grounding energy, helping to balance the emotions and relieve stress. Brings strength and positive energies. This is a Protective gemstone and helps prevent emotional draining by others, also helping to prevent soft-hearted people from being abused or taken advantage of. It sharpens the external and internal vision.

All information will be included in your shipment.

Dark Arts Kitsune Magick Japanese Fox Amulet

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