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Custom Spirit or Spell Transfer Co-bind from one item to another
Have you purchased a Spirit-bound or Spellcast piece of jewelry (or other item) from my store and realize it doesn’t fit you, suit your tastes, has broken or become lost completely?
For this Service, I will transfer your Spirit or Spell from one item into another.  If you lost the item, I can Spiritually summon the Spirit or Spell into another item; which can be something from my store or a jewelry or gemstone item (or something else) you already have .  If you would like me to provide the new vessel, there will be an additional charge to cover the cost of the item.  This price will vary depending on what item is chosen, so contact me for a price quote. 
The transfer is only done distantly/remotely, so there will be nothing to mail.  If you prefer a co-bind, where the energies are attached to 2 vessels at the same time, I can do that as well. In this case, let's say you have several vessels but would like to keep all of the Spirits/Spells you have in 1 master vessel that you wear. I can co-bind all of your talismans to effectively be with you in that 1 talisman.
Transferring/Co-binding a Spirit or Spell is a complex process; I perform specialized rituals for that specific Spirit, along with the appropriate oils, herbs, incense and incantations.  I also make sure nothing malevolent attaches itself during the process.  It is very important to make sure all 'bases' are covered when performing a transfer.  I've had to fix many mistakes from other fraudulent sellers who offer an incantation for sale to copy energies.  This is simply untrue.  Energies are very real and bad things can happen when not appropriately worked.  There is no other effective way to transfer/co-bind a Spirit or Spell than through a consecrated Ritual with the appropriate correspondences and tools. 
This service is only available for the items I offer because I ethically will not verify the legitimacy of any other sellers offerings. Likewise, any Spirit or Spell I offer will not be able to be copied/transfered by any other Seller or incantation. They are created with a solid, impenetrable code that can only be altered through my services.

This listing is for 1 transfer or cobind per Spirit or Spell.  If you have additional Spirits/Spells, you will need to purchase additional services for each.  This ceremony is performed based on my schedule, I will let you know my next available opening.  I look forward to assisting you!

Name of Spirit or Spell? Co-bind or Complete transfer? Into what item?

Custom Spirit or Spell Transfer Co-bind from one item to another

$159.99 Regular Price
$49.99Sale Price

    S​tarry 1 Night

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