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Cursed Chamber of the Beasts Web Cage of Protection
Cursed Chamber
of the Beasts

Demonic Web Cage
of Protection
This incredible Occult piece was cast by a Russian Sorcerer using Ancient Slavic Black Magick Spells. These age-old Spells have withstood the tests of time and have allowed people to break free from chaos and regain stability, peace and happiness in their lives. His belief is that in order to abolish the toughest of Demons, Black Magick, Voodoo, Curses and Evils in general, supreme Black Magick is needed to counteract their efforts. Like fighting fire with fire, only this is a flamethrower as opposed to a match. This piece was created with an everlasting and indestructible Black Magick to stop all Evils that are affecting you, no matter their source.

It does not wait for Evil to come to it, rather, it creates a powerful energetic Dark Force that actively seeks out all Evil Spirits, Curses and Negative energies surrounding you or your home. With a magnetic-like charge, it attracts destructive Evils to it, then captures them and immediately transfers them to the Web Chamber, where they are transported to the pits of hell, never to bother you again.

Demons, Black Magick Evils and Curses others send you can be complex and confusing. Sometimes it’s very apparent it is wreaking havoc in your life. Other times it can be very good at hiding and waiting to strike when you are most vulnerable. This captures all of the noticeable and not so noticeable Evils. Those that are apparent and especially those that are good at hiding. Those who’ve tried to set up protective measures so you couldn’t thwart their efforts are no match for this piece. Sometimes we don’t know who is cursing us, but we can certainly feel the effects. It does not matter if you know or not, this piece takes care of everything so that you are again surrounded by positive, beneficial energies. This also works to stop people in your life who may be draining your life-force energy (also known as energy vampires); anyone who makes you feel nervous, anxious, agitated or scared. Psychic attacks will be stopped and blocked from future invasions. This piece will create a protective bubble around you so that you are not affected. Obstacles are obliterated so you can once again move forward without being impeded by evils or negative forces.

This piece is composed of pure quartz crystal, wrapped in a copper web with a black Recharging Cord.  At this time there are several different sizes available for all the same price.  If you have a preference for large, medium or small, let me know upon checkout, otherwise your piece will be chosen at random.  This piece was chosen due to the combination of its inherent Metaphysical Properties. Working together, Copper and Quartz forms a formidable combination! The benefits of Copper are lengthy, but here are just a few: it brings profound bodily healing, it conducts energy, it helps channel and communicate with higher beings, it brings grounding frequencies so that you’re stabilized, it boosts self-esteem and simulates your psychic abilities, it brings good luck and prosperity, it stimulates optimism, facilitates better communication between you and those you love, it attracts love and beneficial relationships, promotes good health and creates harmonizing energies. Negative energies are naturally absorbed by copper.

There are many ways to utilize it; hang anywhere in your home, office, bedroom, car, etc. (you could even attach it to a ceiling fan pull chain).

All information will be included in your shipment.

Cursed Chamber of the Beasts Web Cage of Protection

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