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Cosmos Magick Wishing Spirit Portal & Amplifying Box
Cosmos Magick Wish Box Portal,
Charging & Amplifying Box

This Beautiful Wish Box Portal was Spellcast utilizing the Ancient Invocations from my Celtic Ancestor's Book of Shadows. Simply mentally infuse your wish inside the box and it will be transferred into the Cosmos where the most powerful wish-granting entities will hear your wish and manifest it into reality! You do not have to talk to any specific spirit or perform any bonding ritual. This Portal will automatically find the appropriate White-Light Spirit to assist you in manifesting your goals. These benevolent Spirits are Angels, Djinn, Devatas, Watchers, Khodams and many more White-light Entities. There is no limit to which Spirit or how many Spirits can help you!

Simply open and mentally imbue your deepest desires into the box or write on a small slip of paper and place inside. Your desires will automatically be heard or read by the White Light Spirits of the Cosmos and they will begin making your dreams come true!

This Box has also been Spellcast to be a Charging & Amplifying Box for your most precious Spirited or Spellcast talismans. Your Magickals are designed to last a lifetime, however proper care is required to ensure the lasting beauty and Magickal properties of your talismans. The best way to store your Magickal jewelry is in a cool, dry and safe place. This Spellcast Recharging Box which will Gently & Safely Cleanse any type of Magickal item! It is the perfect Home for your Most Treasured Magickal Pieces!

The Energy within Haunted/Spirited talismans needs time to rest and recharge. Negative energies are everywhere (including handling from other people~ even with the best of intentions) and your talisman unintentionally absorbs these destructive energies. We often don't have time to take proper care of our Spirited Items in the midst of our daily responsibilities. Toxic build-up combined with negative energies all contribute to destructive Energy imbalances which lead to very weak signals of communication between you and your Spirits. This is more than just an inconvenience~ it is very detrimental and can lead to long-term problems with the way your talismans work for you.

Simply place any type of Magickal item inside (Djinn, Dragon, Vampire, Werewolf, Voodoo,  Angel, etc.). You can combine all of your talismans inside or reserve it for just one type, for example, use this as your Vampire Box. Once placed inside this box, the negative energies are dispersed and your Spirits will be fully energized and recharged! It not only cleanses your Magick Rings, Pendants, Bracelets & More, but it also Amplifies their Power, making them reach the Most Elevated Power Levels possible!!

It is not limited to recharging, amplifying and protecting talismans, you can also safely store gemstones, incense, herbs ~ anything you desire!

Your purchase is for 1 enchanting wooden Cosmos box with a beautiful clasp. It measures about 5” long, by 4” wide by 2” tall. I only have a few in this style available! Don't miss out!

This Dual-Action Charging Box was designed specifically to help your Achieve your Goals as well as help your Magickals achieve Maximum Potency~ utilizing the most powerful Universal Energies!

All information will be included in your shipment.

Cosmos Magick Wishing Spirit Portal & Amplifying Box

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