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Cosmic Lemurian Mermaid or Merman Ring
Cosmic Lemurian

Mermaid or Merman

Utilizing the Ancient teachings of my Ancestors, I’m honored to offer you this enchanting Cosmic Mermaid of Lemuria. These Mermaids connect with you on a Cosmic Soul level and bring special blessings into your life. They open the floodgates of happiness, abundance and all you desire to flow directly to you. These special entities bring intensely deep healing. The average adult is made up of about 65% water. This water energy will connect with your Mermaid and bring healing throughout your entire body. They bring the healing qualities of water and can assist you in cleansing on all levels; physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. They also help cleanse your Aura of any blockages and fix any holes that may have been causing energy drainage. Astral travel with your Mermaid to heal and fix issues from your past so that you may move forward on a more illuminated path. They bring the Wisdom of the Ancients of Lemuria and uses Lemurian Magick to bless your life!

Although they have a very gentle nature, they are highly protective ~ they help stop psychic attacks and safeguard you in a bubble of protection. They also are intensely Magickal good-luck and fortune bringers that can create an abyss of wealth and treasures for you. Their uplifting energies help bring you happiness and less stress as your energies are gently elevated. They bring creative inspiration for anyone involved in the Arts; writing, acting, drawing, etc. Your Mermaid is eager to help improve your life for the better!

Your purchase is for 1 Cosmic Lemurian Mermaid or Merman housed in this beautiful .925 sterling silver ring with a light blue cz stone, accented with tiny white cz gems on “Mermaid Tail” accents. Please choose your ring size from the drop-down menu. You can choose a Female (Mermaid) or Male (Merman). There is no difference in power between them, simply your personal preference.

All information will be included in your shipment.

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Cosmic Lemurian Mermaid or Merman Ring

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