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Powerful 8 Planets Collective Planetary Retrograde Ring

A Planetary Retrograde is a time when that Planet appears to be moving backwards through the sky. All of the Planets do this throughout the year and sometimes they overlap. They can all affect you based on each of their spheres of influence. Although the backwards motion is an optical illusion, it can lead to problematic, if not devastating, Physical and Spiritual effects. Although they can affect everyone differently, Planetary Retrogrades seem to cause the most issues for Empaths and Sensitives (those sensitive to energies). Most people experience effects from Mercury Retrograde, but all of the other Planets bring their own issues. Some people have no ill effects and tell others to just keep a “positive outlook” ~ this is impossible as it affects your emotions on very deep levels and is due to forces beyond your control. I have imbued this ring with several Spells designed to help lessen the effects of all of the Collective Planetary Retrogrades. It will personally align with your Aura to help balance and harmonize these ever shifting energies so you don’t get stuck along the way. When each Planet goes Retrograde, it brings certain issues with it. Below is a summary of each Planet and their effects and what best to focus on with the power of this Ring.

Mercury rules how we process and perceive information as well as our thinking skills and how we transmit Spiritual knowledge. Clarity can be diminished and we can be unable to make accurate decisions. Electronics (phones, computers, tv, etc.) usually go haywire during this time. Communication via all methods can be scrambled; talking to others, talking to Spirits, etc. Others might interpret your message as something other than what you intended and misunderstandings easily occur. 

Venus rules our relationships with others and ourselves. This Retrograde can cause issues with our romantic partners and unearth past heartache and pain. We can start longing for past loves that truly weren’t good for us, or question our current good relationships. We can feel overly emotional, unattractive, and not worth loving as our beauty regimes take a back seat. We can argue with family and friends and think we are just not good enough. It is best not to make any major relationship commitments such as marriage, or divorce during this time. 

Mars rules stamina, vitality, action, ambition and enthusiasm. This Retrograde causes us to feel lethargic, indifferent and detached from everything. Our energies can sit idle as we question what choices to make or what direction to take, causing delays and frustration. It may feel as though someone or something is blocking us from reaching our goals. This can lead to anger and emotional outbursts unbecoming to us. During this Retrograde, it is best to try to remain patient, calm and collected, keeping in mind everything happens at just the right Divine time. 

Jupiter rules our Spiritual beliefs, standards, morals, values and abundance. This Retrograde causes us to look internally at our expectations and judgements. It holds us accountable for our treatment of ourselves and others. During this Retrograde, it is best to reevaluate your attitude towards others and yourself. Do the Spiritual beliefs you once held still hold merit in your life, or do you need to recreate a new Spiritual belief system that resonates better for you? This is a time to slow down and reconsider your personal belief system and what makes you feel empowered, successful and connected to the Universe. You will gain clarity and stronger intuition when working through the energies of this Retrograde.

Saturn rules our ambition, obligations, duties, intentions and justice. This Retrograde can be a tough one as we are taught patience and humility. This can be difficult for those who like instant gratification, or be in control of situations or others. During this Retrograde it is best to slow down and not cut corners. Things may not be working out for your short-term goals, so you need to focus on long-term. Realize that you do have certain limitations, as well as those around you and release the reigns of control. 

Uranus rules unexpected, unconventional & erratic energies, freedom and ingenuity. This Retrograde brings to light our own hidden eccentricities, which can either be liberating or cause us to feel embarrassed. While it may be fun for some people to explore different parts of their persona, for others it can be uncomfortable. During this Retrograde, you should do some deep introspection, reaffirm your strengths and acknowledge your weaknesses, let go of qualities that are no longer serving you and embrace those qualities you want to promote.

Neptune rules idealistic, uplifting and selfless energies; kindness, empathy, imagination, fantasy and mystical arts. It is involved with the subconscious mind and different dimensions/planes of existence.  During this Retrograde, the curtains of time and space fade and you realize your reality is merely a passing phase, a connection to yourself within other dimensions. You are the creator of your realities and you have the power to alter your life in profoundly Magickal ways. 

Pluto rules transformation, rebirth, cycles and new beginnings. This Retrograde brings the catalyst for changes, letting go of the bad and making way for the good. We focus on our shadows, weaknesses, wounds and insecurities and release them, allowing good and more beneficial energies into our lives. 


Although this Ring will not completely stop all of the challenging effects of the Planetary Retrogrades, it can help you move through these issues with greater ease, bring better clarity and help resolve issues. It brings good luck and calming energies. It can help bring better sleep, peace & tranquility into your life. It envelops you in a shield of protection against malevolent forces. It will not stop issues that fate has determined you need to deal with at that time; but this too can be a blessing in helping you gain clarity to move forward. When the specific Planet does go direct again, it will then refocus your energies accordingly and in alignment with the lessons you learned. With this Ring, you can continue living your life with less stress or worry about the effects of any of the Planetary Retrogrades.


Your purchase is for 1 Collective Planetary Retrograde Ring composed of a dazzling mystic topaz gem set in solid .925 sterling silver. 

Powerful 8 Planets Collective Planetary Retrograde Ring

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