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Ching Dynasty Chinese Magick Wealth Coin
Ching Dynasty
Magick Wealth Coin

This is an Authentic Vintage Chinese Coin Spellcast by an old Chinese Sorcerer to bring the bearer Good Luck, Wealth & Fortunes, Blessings and Happiness. During Ancient Chinese times, Coins were worn as a talisman to protect the wearer against illness and negativity as well as bring opportunities, good luck and great wealth. This Coin is an extremely powerful tool for attracting abundance, wealth, money and prosperity into your life!

These Coins are Official mints by the authority of the Imperial Chinese Government (not reproductions) and have been passed through hundreds, if not thousands of hands, as they were in circulation during the Ching Dynasty (17th & 18th Centuries)! If you happen to be sensitive/psychic, you will be able to read/pick up on the lives your specific Coin has blessed and how it made its miraculous journey into your hands!

These Coins feature Authentic Ancient Chinese characters on them. The side with 4 characters is the front. Two of these characters mean that it is authorized Imperial money and the other 2 are the two characters of the Emperor’s Official Name for his Reign. The side with only two characters is the back of the coin and one character is the denomination, the other which mint made the coin. They all vary in size from about American nickel to quarter size. Some are more worn than others and have more patina. All are exquisite and unique in their own way!

Perfect for a Man or Woman, it is as versatile as it is Enchanting; carry with you in your pocket, briefcase, wallet or purse; loop with a red cord and hang in your place of business, loop on a chain and wear as a unique amulet! Consult the I Ching (Yi Jing) Oracle for Guidance as you toss 3 Coins into the air and predict your future! As an Ultimate Feng Shui tool to bring Good Luck, Wealth and dispel negative energies, hang 3 Coins with a red cord on the inside of the main door of your home!
  This Magick Coin:
Attracts MONEY so your finances grow!
Attracts GOOD LUCK so you're never in need!
Brings PEACE to your Household!
So Powerful, it WILL improve your life!

Part of the power of this Magick Coin springs from the collective shared belief of Millions of people who have benefited from its use, from centuries ago through today. As more people utilize this Magick Coin and benefit from it, the greater that Power will grow!! It's in the Spirit of this belief that we'd like to pass the power of this talisman along to you!!

I only offer REAL Coins that have been in circulation because they naturally have the highest concentration of Wealth Drawing Energies on the Planet! Let this legendary Chinese Dynasty Coin grace your home and bring you and your loved ones much good fortune, protection, delight and comfort. Use it as your own personal talisman to guide your way to a rich and rewarding life!

All information will be included in your shipment. Many bright blessings! ~xo

Ching Dynasty Chinese Magick Wealth Coin

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