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Cherub Angel Gemstone Figurine of Love Miracles
Cherub Angel Figurine of Love Miracles
Utilizing the Ancient Love Spell Incantations in my Ancestor’s Grimoire, as well as the secret teachings of King Solomon, I am honored to present you with this gorgeous Cherub Love Angel Figure!

This gemstone Figure is connected to your personal Cherub Angel! Cherubs (Cherubim) are the next closest beings to God after the Seraphim. They reside in the 7th Heaven, which is the abode of God, the Thrones and Seraphim ~ it is here where the blessed spirits dwell as well as the unborn souls. This Vast Cosmic being hold the Energy of the Moon, Sun & the Stars!

Your Cherub Angel can help you in any area of your life, with a main focus on love and relationships. He or she can help you in finding a lost love, rekindling the flames of an old romance or finding your Soulmate or Twin Flame. If you are already in a relationship, this Angel can enhance the romance, passion and devotion to your significant other (even if he or she is in Spirit form)! Blessings can be in any area, focused on love as well as: enhanced creative abilities for anyone involved in the creative arts, motivation, inspiration, enhanced beauty, increased libido, wanting to fall deeper in love with someone, or any issues regarding love and relationships! They are powerful guardians and can help guard your heart from negative influences.

This Angel also opens your Heart Chakra and makes it tingle with positive love energy! Your Aura will dazzle others with its captivating energy! You will feel more joyous and will see things in an entirely new, more loving light! Many things you previously overlooked will capture your heart and hold tremendous beauty! Your Soul will feel uplifted and you will find joy in the mundane! This playful, good-humored and ever pleasurable Cherub Angel is a sheer delight to have around! They are exceedingly charming and bring you the best life has to offer!

Your Cherub Love Angel appears as a sweet baby and can manifest as orbs, mists or sparkles of light. You may also feel a strong rush of loving energy surrounding you and hear a playful giggle.

Your purchase is for 1 Cherub Love Angel gemstone figurine in Opalite (rose quartz is sold out). This small Angel measures about 1 ½” tall.  They came through unnamed, so feel free to designate a name for your special Angel!  Each Angel also brings the natural Metaphysical properties of their gemstone vessel.

Although Opalite is manmade, it still carries Metaphysical properties to bless your life. This gem gives off a beautiful illumination of blues and ambers. When placed on the Crown Chakra (top of head), it enhances psychic abilities and induces visions. Doing this also helps align all of the Chakras. It also helps stabilize mood swings and brings understanding. Its blessings also include: brings peace & serenity, deepens sleep state, gain knowledge and courage, release fears & worries, brings hope and attracts positive light energies to you or the area you’re in.

All information will be included in your shipment.

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Cherub Angel Gemstone Figurine of Love Miracles


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