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Celestial Zodiac Gemstone Set
I Spellcast these beautiful stones with the powers of each Zodiac Sign! You can work with all of the Zodiac energies within all aspects of your life! Each sign is in alignment with certain traits that we can work with to better our lives! Utilize these stones any way you desire! Place them on your Altar during their respective dates, or use to usher in certain energies that you want to manifest in your life. You can choose/cast them like you use Runes, or even incorporate them with your Runes readings! Use with your Tarot cards, or any other type of Metaphysical tools you use. Focus on any issues or questions you’d like answers to, so you harmonize your energies with that of the Zodiac Stones. The choices that you make are not random, rather, chosen by the Spirits of the Cosmos to assist you and bring you the answers you seek.

Each Zodiac Sign provides benefits determined by their unique Celestial frequency. Below is a list of just a few of the benefits of each sign, but if you need further clarity, I encourage you to do some research into the Zodiac signs and you will find out all of the amazing gifts they bring!

Intelligent, Grounding, Hard-working, Dependable, Supportive, Trusting, Relationships, Passionate

Invent, Create, Plan, Assistance, Collaboration, Philanthropy, Love

Creativity, Compassion, Intuition, Spiritual, Innovative, Productive, Visionary

Courage, Ambition, Fearless, Advancement, Breakthroughs, Confidence, Assertive

Trust, Reliability, Friendships, Determination, Persistent, Steadfast, Strength

Creativity, Playfulness, Communication, Togetherness, Grounding, Duality, Telepathy, ESP

Compassion, Intuition, Level-headed, Balance, Release

Lively, Courageous, Passionate, Expressive, Energetic

Sensible, Efficient, Reasonable, Constructive, Down-to-Earth, Wise, Realistic

Harmony, Balance, Love, Hope, Relationships, Trust your Decision, See both Sides, Fairness, Settle disputes

Independence, Loyalty, Dirven, Passionate, Deep, Perceptive, Excitement

Knowledge, Mastery, Growth, Success, Abundance, Joy, New Possibilities, Exploration, Inquisitiveness

Your purchase is for 1 complete set of 12 Celestial Zodiac Stones, composed of solid blue calcite, in a plush dark blue Recharging bag. *bowl not included

Blue calcite is a stone that is especially calming and soothing and it’s great for calming frayed nerves. It increases psychic ability, assists in astral travel, brings stability, stimulates trust in oneself, enhances memory, and is effective against laziness. Blue calcite is also an excellent stone for students as it helps retain lessons learned and amplifies learning. It also amplifies energy, particularly in the realms of communication and thought and is an excellent aid to communication. It fosters enlightened discussion, and eases communication between people with opposing views. It helps you express your views calmly and with tact. Blue calcite is also an enhancer of decision-making. It brings this quality to life through its ability to help you see more clearly what path will lead you to happiness. It also assists in remembering astral travel and channeling experiences. Blue calcite is associated with the throat chakra.

All information will be included in your shipment.

Celestial Zodiac Gemstone Set

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