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Bright Morning Star Angels & Djinn Holy Portal Amulet
Bright Morning
Angels & Djinn

Holy Portal

This Exquisite Portal was created by my associate, Maantefin, along with 2 Holy Men, through divine invocations hidden within Ancient Biblical Scriptures. This Amulet was ceremonially blessed and consecrated in accordance with the holy teachings of Jesus during auspicious astronomical dates and times.

This piece is a portal through which the benevolent Angels and Djinn of the Morning Star will come through to assist you! Jesus was known as the bright Morning Star, the promise that after a long, difficult night, the morning star will always rise and you will reap the rewards of a new day, a fresh new start! We revel in the promise and hope of God's light that will shine forever in the Universe, making all wrongs right and wiping away all tears! The Morning Star Angels and Djinn are Larger than life and look at everything on a much Grander scale. They are your Bridge Spirits between what is happening above, in the heavenly realm and your life here on Earth. In this aspect they are able to connect you with the highest levels of Consciousness, Wisdom and Knowledge; as well as Abundant flows of Energy (such as wealth, healing, psychic enhancement, etc.) so that you may live a more joyful and fulfilled life. These Spirits are able to look into the future and see what lies ahead, helping steer you to the right path. Your life course can remain stable and happy with their Guidance. When changes surface, they will help you decide which path to follow or create new, better ones! They are all very friendly, kind and will work in harmony to place your needs above all others. They are Fearless Protectors and will graciously manifest your dreams! Your experiences with them will be nothing short of Miraculous!

When you look up at the stars and planets, you will feel their sublime presence! They will also give you signs in the shape of stars ~ and you may begin to notice them everywhere! You will feel the warmth and love of these beneficial Spirits through these comforting signs!

There is no 1 single Spirit you need to bond with. The Angels & Djinn of the Morning Star will automatically come through this portal to assist you.

Their vessel is this beautiful Eilat gemstone topped with the morning star and an amethyst gem, set in sterling silver. Eilat is a very Rare semi-precious gemstone that is only found in King Solomon's copper mines, on the Red Sea, near Eilat, Israel. It is very scarce, due to the fact that in 1970 the mining of this gemstone stopped and there are no stones like it anywhere else in the world. No formal ritual required, simply owning brings you their blessings. Wear, carry with you or keep someplace special.

All pertinent information will be included in your shipment.

Bright Morning Star Angels & Djinn Holy Portal Amulet

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