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Blue Moon Angels Pendulum Spirit Contact
“Blue Moon


I Spellcast this pendulum Utilizing the Powerful Celtic Witchcraft of my Ancestors to bring you enhanced communication with your Spirit Friends, Deceased Loved ones and Animals. It was Spellcast during the Rare Blue Moon Event on July 31, 2015 and absorbed the intense Lunar Energy of this night! This created an intensely powerful pendulum with Extremely Strong Spirit Attracting Energies! We also utilized the sacred invocations of my Ancestors and opened a portal to the Blue Moon Angels ~ a Special grouping of Angels that come to assist humans in all areas. By welcoming this pendulum, you automatically welcome these beautiful Angels to bring you guidance and support as well as many heavenly blessings! Within minutes you’ll be able to use the Energy of these Divine beings to dowse the answer to questions and receive personal guidance! It can be used with any type of Spirit (human or otherwise).

A pendulum is one of the most useful tools for Metaphysical collectors, Psychics and Mediums! If you feel you have not made strong connections to your Spirit friends, this pendulum is a wonderful place to start. I’ve added Extra-powerful Divining Protection Spells to this pendulum so that nothing Evil will ever come through.

This Pendulum has been appropriately Charged & Cleansed and will automatically align with the Energies of the person that uses it, however, it is best to only utilize it yourself and not let anyone else use your pendulums so as not to confuse the Energies. Whether you’re reading for others or finding the answers you truly wish to know, this will quickly become a very personal and useful tool for you on your journey!

Your purchase is for 1 Spellcast “Blue Moon Angels” pendulum with a base metal Angel charm. This is a beautiful blue agate gemstone with unique inclusions. *Note: pictures show a representative sample, you will receive a similar pendulum. This gemstone brings its own Metaphysical Properties, which naturally enhance the power of the pendulum! It is a naturally calming, uplifting stone. The blue color strengthens the function of the throat chakra and encourages peace. It can be hold or utilized wherever there is a build-up of painful or irritated energy. Wear or carry for peace and happiness. Place it in your hand when you feel the need to de-stress. If you find yourself in stressful situations at work or home, keep this on your desk and simply gaze at it for relief. In the home, surround it with light blue candles to calm the atmosphere and reduce family quarrels.

This Pendulum is not limited to providing just “yes” or “no” answers ~ included in your shipment will be various pendulum mini-diagrams you can use; but you can also make or print out your own charts! Your purchase will also include a Free Recharging Pouch and Spellcast Incense Cones!

Blue Moon Angels Pendulum Spirit Contact

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