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Blue Moon Angels of Eternal Wishes Portal Amulet
Blue Moon

Angels of

Eternal Wishes

Portal Amulet

During the Rare Blue Moon on March 31, 2018, a Sacred Portal to the Blue Moon Angels of Eternal Wishes was opened! This Blue Moon ushered in energies of rebirth, stopping old endings/negative habits and making way for new beginnings! These all-powerful Angels came through to bless one lucky person with their miracles!

This Amulet is a Portal, a direct doorway to the Blue Moon Angels of Eternal Wishes, and billions of them can enter through this portal to bless your life! With them in your life, issues or problems will remarkably work themselves out! You will gain vast prosperity, better luck, career advancements and improved business. As powerful protectors, they automatically ward off negative energies, evil Spirits, bad luck and psychic attacks. They will surround you and your home with positive energies, bringing upliftment and happiness to all. You will gain charisma, personal magnetism and the ability to influence others. These Angels bring intensely deep healing at a cellular level for you and others (including pets), influencing your DNA with Spiritual transformation (*always seek medical care for any health issues you may have). With their divine guidance, you will reach tremendous accomplishments!

These Wish-granting Angels bring calm assurance that all of your desires will be obtained. Welcome them into your life and the power of the Universe will move mountains to bring your desires into Manifestation! Your only task is to step aside and allow these amazing Angels to act on your behalf. The Blue Moon Angels will help you come into spiritual vibrational alignment with what you are wanting. It is their pleasure to help you and they will bring you the signs and indications that what you have asked for is on its way! They never judge or question what you are asking for, for they know that the Universe will insure that your heart's desire will manifest in a form and way that is not only perfect for you, but also good for others too. There is always a way for anything you want to manifest in its best and highest form, in understanding that these Angels always have your best interests at heart!

The Blue Moon Angels can manifest in many different ways: orbs, mists, twinkling/sparkling lights, feeling cold spots, feeling a loving/uplifting energy around you, the air ‘tingling’/electrical-type energy, or smelling a soft floral scent. Signs from them can include: seeing the image of an Angel in the clouds (or other fascinating images that connect with you, personally), receiving or noticing moon images more, finding feathers, seeing or hearing the word “Angel” from many different sources (books, tv, etc.), seeing the image of an Angel or Angel wings appear sporadically, such as the cream in your coffee, the fog on your mirror after a shower, etc.
I created two of these Blue Moon Angel portals. Angel "A" has been sold, only Angel "B" is available. It features a beautiful blue Angelite gemstone set in sterling silver, with a sterling silver Recharging chain.

Angelite brings heavenly Natural properties to further bless your life. It is formed from Celestite that has been compressed for many millions of years. This is a symbol to you that out of the toughest situations, beauty can arise. Any obstacles you are currently facing will make you stronger as you travel life’s path. This harmonizing gemstone aids in telepathic communication and OBE’s/Astral Travel. Angelite is a stone of heightened awareness, with special focus on peace. It gives protection throughout your Aura to help block malevolent energies and psychic attacks. It promotes compassion and understanding, helps you to speak the truth when it is difficult, alleviates psychological pain, enhances astrological understanding, increases telepathy, and brings healing. As its name indicates, Angelite is a powerful gemstone to facilitating contact & communication with Angels. Hold or keep close any time you wish to be surrounded by the love & protection of the Angels. Sleep with it near your bed to bring peaceful dreams. Healers use Angelite to unblock energy pathways. Place anywhere on the body to help cleanse & remove toxins. Angelite also repairs and soothes tissues and blood vessels. As it resonates with your personal energy, you may find other surprise benefits to this gem that are unique to you!

All information will be included in your shipment.

What chain size would you like? (16", 18", 20" or 24")

Blue Moon Angels of Eternal Wishes Portal Amulet

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