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Blessed Buddha Amulet of Wealth & Spiritual Power
Lord Buddha


Wealth &

Spiritual Power
These are the times of Great Transformation & Huge Shifts in Earth’s Energy! It has been deemed that Now is the time to release these amazingly Powerful Buddha Amulets to the public! Destiny has brought you to the right place at the right time! My associates have traveled, researched and discovered the best sources for the most powerful Monks and Temples in South East Asia!

Born under a Full Moon, Prince Siddhartha grew up sheltered behind wealthy palace walls. As he grew older, he noticed poverty-stricken, diseased people~ it was a whole new world he never knew existed. After 20 years of inner struggle, Siddhartha left everything (wife, child, privilege, a throne) to become a wandering monk known as Gautama. Convinced that he could achieve enlightenment only by the most extreme ascetic practices, Gautama starved himself to the verge of dying. This section of his life confronted Gautama with temptations and a close encounter with Mara, king of the demons. Just days before what appeared to be the end of his life, Gautama was abandoned and alone. Sitting under a huge fig tree, he achieved enlightenment in one night – a feat unmatched in history. By sunrise he had become Buddha, the Awakened One. He was thirty-five-years-old and ready to cause a huge transformation in the Spiritual life of India.

I am extremely privileged to be able to offer you this exquisite Buddha Amulet, which will Bless your Life in countless ways!

This beautiful Buddha Amulet was Blessed for 77 consecutive days in Bangkok, Thailand at the Wat Arun Rajwararam Temple (also known as the “Temple of the Dawn” ) by 12 venerated Elder Monks. Through the incorporation of blessed incense, oils, soil from the entrance of 9 Cambodian Temples (meaning for money to come always), a special mix of Holy herbs (to draw money, good luck and turn others affectionate towards you), and other holy materials, their ceremonies are long and intense as they chant and asks for special wealth favors from the Buddhist Gods and Goddesses.

I have also added special wealth blessings and incorporated this Amulet to be a direct portal to Buddha. He will help you Balance and organize your life, Find Inner Joy & Peace, and Attain Deep Spiritual Growth & Understanding. Buddha has great compassion which is completely impartial, embracing all living beings without discrimination. He will benefit you by bestowing his blessings within your mind, developing peaceful and virtuous states. Buddha will help bring you wealth and riches of a luxurious lifestyle. His energy is attuned to that of money, riches, lavish assets, gold, jewels and hidden treasures and he can bring them directly to you. He will multiply your money over and over, without end. This unique amulet is also a Wealth Absorber; meaning, wherever you take it, it will draw excess money to you, especially banks, casinos and other financial hubs.

Through the Magickal Powers of this Amulet, you will be greeted by Spectral visions & dreams of Buddha in the form of a Spiritual Guide, and you will have the opportunity to gain valuable Wisdom, Peace and Spiritual Enlightenment.

Your purchase is for this exquisite Blessed Buddha Amulet! You don’t have to wear the Amulet, you could simply hang it in a Special Place in your Home or Business or keep someplace special.  Sterling silver Recharging Chain in your choice of size included.

It does not matter your religious beliefs, Lord Buddha will help anyone regardless, all you need to do is ask! Helping you financially is only one aspect Buddha can assist you with; you can ask him for help in any matter, he is more than happy to bring you clarity and answers. Give your problems and issues to the Buddha so he can bring you peace & resolution in these areas

All information will be included in your shipment.

Blessed Buddha Amulet of Wealth & Spiritual Power

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