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Blackbeard Pirate's Booty Spells of Wealth & Riches Illuminati

Booty Spells
of Wealth

& Riches
This ring was Spellcast by the Sinclair Sect of the Illuminati utilizing Secrets they discovered in a hidden journal from the infamous Pirate, Blackbeard. His ships were laden with treasures and he amassed a fortune in buried coins, jewels and valuables. These Spells mysteriously attract money, wealth and riches to you from all possible sources. This could be finding a new job, business success, drawing in new clients, unexpected gifts of money, gambling/lottery wins, or finding hidden cash/coins/treasures. It will lead you to incredible prosperity you never knew was possible. This Ring is your key to obtaining the lifestyle of opulence you want & deserve! A vast Sea of good luck and positive blessings will follow you after your purchase.

Love interests will swoon and be hypnotically attracted to you. Your Aura will sparkle with courage, confidence, strength and assertiveness. Others will see you in a whole new light, treating you with respect and valuing your opinion. You can take on a leadership role and others will listen to you. They will also quietly wonder what your secret is. You may notice other’s making more eye contact, wanting to converse with you or reaching out to casually touch your arm or leg.

Your adversaries will retreat as these Spells will bring them disappointments and setbacks, stopping them from progressing. Justice in its truest forms will take hold and anyone who has wronged you will get what they rightfully deserve. Others that seem to get the upper-hand, will no longer, and you will be placed on top. It will calm the raging waters of those who are jealous, backstabbers, anyone trying to stop your progress and those who talk bad about you. Any evils, black Magick, curses or jinxes will be obliterated. You will be surrounded in a sea of protection and kept safe from harm.

The ghost of Blackbeard is also attached to this ring and he may induce paranormal activity, such as seeing orbs, mists, quickly moving cold spots, hearing knocking, heavy boot footsteps, hearing a man talking or seeing spectral manifestations. He will provide you with wisdom and guidance.

Your purchase is for 1 Blackbeard Pirate’s Booty Spellcast Ring featuring a Pirate Skull set in stainless steel. Please make your size choice from the drop down menu. Wear, carry with you, or keep someplace special to reap your rewards.

All information will be included in your shipment.

Blackbeard Pirate's Booty Spells of Wealth & Riches Illuminati

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