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Black & White Unicorn Duo from Avalon Forest Ring
Black & White
Unicorn Duo

Appearing in numerous Cultures for Centuries, the Unicorn has come to be known as an elusive gentle creature of purity and beauty. They are the most loving and admired of Woodland Creature Companions and bring immense blessings to those who befriend them! Unicorns allow you to find new inner strength and confidence and they guide you in treating yourself with greater love and respect. They are naturally inspirational and reassuring and will listen intently to any problems you may wish to share with them. Their naturally sweet essence also helps you to see nature’s beauty like never before!

Offered today is a Ring that houses 2 Unicorns from the mystical forests of Avalon; one White and one Black. You can choose the genders of your Unicorns! Both of these Unicorns are benevolent, friendly Spirits, eager to bless your Soul’s journey! If you so desire, you could work with your Light aspects with the White Unicorn and your Shadow aspects with the Black. Black and white represent the natural dualities of the Universe between light/darkness, day/night, full moon/dark moon, good/evil, yin/yang, male/female, etc. Though these dualities are opposing, they are not in opposition to one another; they are merely two aspects of a single harmonious existence.

The Most Revered Immortals of the Woodland, your 2 Unicorns can help you in countless ways such as:

*Creating positive thought forms to counter-balance negative thinking.

*They will lovingly guide & support you during the cessation of addictive patterns of behavior; smoking, overeating, etc.

*They help you heal from past life traumas or childhood abuse; you will not be reliving your past, rather their loving & gentle energies will be sent to the past to support your healing now.

*They lower blood pressure & reduce stress & anxiety, bringing tranquility & calm.

*They bring good luck, fortunes & luxury.

*Their pure & luminous energies will help in detoxifying your physical and spiritual bodies of all negative & stagnant debris that is no longer serving you. Toxic thought patterns and emotions will gently be dissolved.

*They will support you during all of your projects & goals; such as auditions, interviews, job searching, as well as transitions through major life events such as births, deaths, divorce, etc.

*They will assist you in taking care of Mother Earth and environmental concerns.

*They bring a youthful glow & reverse the aging process.

*They bring motivation and inspiration to any creative project or artistic work.

When in the presence of these Unicorns, you will feel much calmer, enlightened, peaceful & tranquil and harmonizing energy surrounding you. If you feel frustrated, upset or angry, discuss these emotions with your Unicorns; they are excellent listeners and will bring you much comfort. They can communicate with you through mental telepathy & teleport with ease. Their horns have Magickal powers to heal and neutralize poisons; therefore, they can be a healing and comforting force in your life. They have the innate ability to detect evil & malevolent energies and they can effectively dissolve & do away with them. They place you in the flow of all that is good & positive and will attract Good Luck & Wealth to you!

Your Unicorns are housed in this gorgeous dazzling stainless steel ring. The black gems house the black Unicorn and the white gems house the white Unicorn. If you have gender preferences, let me know upon checkout.  They are also unnamed, so think of some special names for your new friends!  Please choose your ring size from the drop-down menu. 

Your Unicorns can manifest in a variety of ways; flashes of lights, orbs, misty glows, or in physical form. They can come to you in your visions & dreams. The black Unicorn is black in color with a silky black mane and tail. The white Unicorn is white in color with a silky white mane & tail. They both have huge black doe eyes and long wispy eyelashes! Their spiral horns are long and emit a soft luminescent glow. They bring a very calming and peaceful white light Energy!

There is no formal ritual you have to perform ~ you will automatically and immediately be bestowed with your Unicorn’s loving grace & blessings. They would get along splendidly with any other Spirits you may already happen to own.

All pertinent information will accompany your shipment.

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Black & White Unicorn Duo from Avalon Forest Ring

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