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Black Serpent Curse Voodoo Spell Revenge Ritual
Black Serpent
Voodoo Spell

This Ritual is performed by my associate P. Jean and features an Occult Black Magick Voodoo Ritual called the “Black Serpent Curse.” This Secret Occult Magick dates back thousands of Centuries to his family in West Africa. Royalty, Celebrities and those in power seek out this Secret, Most Powerful Magick to advance their agendas and thwart their competition. It is extremely dangerous for the practitioner to even perform this Ritual, so please be very cautious upon choosing this service and use only when absolutely necessary.

Thousands of Wicked Black Magick Voodoo Spells will be sent to your enemy. He or she will not know what has been done and there is no way to get rid of these Curses. There is no amount of protection they could do to stop it. *Use with extreme caution!

Effects upon your target will be:
*feeling low energy, dizzy, exhausted
*mood swings, abrupt changes in mood or personality, many times throughout the day; anger for no reason, uncontrollable aggressive impulses
*changes in relationships (ending business and romantic relationships), lack of sexual desire, not attracted to mate any more, unable to achieve or provide true sexual pleasure
*memory loss, lapses in memory, failure to concentrate
*disjointed speech, inability to communicate well, does not make sense when talking
*person will feel extreme distress, guilt and very unhappy with their life choices
*bad luck, things going wrong/not going the way they wanted them to, unable to achieve success (failure) in all areas

Upon checkout, please message me with the name of the person you want to Curse as well as any other information you may have about him/her (date of birth, location, etc.). I will email you after the Ritual has been completed.  Nothing is being mailed, so there are no shipping fees.

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Black Serpent Curse Voodoo Spell Revenge Ritual

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