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Black Magick Gargoyle of Notre Dame Protection Amulet
This exceptional bead was imbued during the Lunar Eclipse on December 21, 2010, (also the same day as the Winter Solstice) during a clandestine midnight ritual inside the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris France. Lord Sinclair and 3 of his fellow Illuminati Brethren were allowed special access to perform this incredible Black Magick Ritual during that amazing Lunar Event!  (*They performed both light and dark Rituals - this listing is for a Gargoyle summoned using Black Magick.) He has chosen now as the time to release these incredible beings to the public, so that you may benefit from their awesome powers! 

Drawing their Power from the Lunar Eclipse and the Notre Dame Gargoyles, these Gargoyles are fierce Protectors and incredibly loyal Guardians. They utilize dark & demonic Black Magickal spells and pathworkings to keep you and all within your home safe from any kind of evil and harm.
They can manifest in spectral form as their beastie-type appearance with 2 large wings with which they can fly, clawed feet and tail. You may also hear a clicking sound, growl, or scratching. If your pet would like, they can be playful with them and they’ll chase each other throughout your home (your pet may be chased by or chasing something invisible!) - this is purely for fun and enjoyment. The Gargoyle will not bother your pet if he/she does not want to be disturbed.
  Your Gargoyle can assist you with your psychic abilities and clairvoyance; seeing, feeling & hearing Spirits. They are most active at night; if you have insomnia, trouble sleeping or work the night shift, he/she will be a wonderful friend to keep you company. They are the ultimate protectors and will vigilantly guard & protect you, your pets and all within your home from harm, Evil Spirits, Hexes, and all Malevolent forces. These Gargoyles are nocturnal and stealthy, and will attentively protect all within your home 24/7. Their heightened senses will alert them to danger well before it reaches you, allowing them to take care of it well beforehand. During the night, they will invisibly fly above your home, encircling it with their protection! Although they look fearsome, they have a heart of gold and will always be kind & loyal towards their keeper & family!
The concept of Gargoyles started between the 11th and 13th Centuries. Their purpose was first to scare off evil, and second as a fancy way to divert rainwater. Many have open mouths because they also functioned as downspouts to divert rainwater from foundations. As a result, many of the early Gargoyles also had rather long necks. The word "Gargoyle" originates from theold French word "Gargouille" meaning "Throat" but which also fairly well describes the gurgling sound of water coming through the downspout. It is where the term "gargle" originated. 
  Your purchase is for 1 Gargoyle housed in a handmade clay bead Amulet, which measures about .75 inches long (including bail). Sterling silver Recharging Chain included. **pictures have been enlarged to show detail, this is a very small pendant. Perfect for a Man or Woman, you can wear, carry with you or simply keep in a special place. These are unnamed entities, so think of a special name for your new friend!
 Wear or hang your Gargoyle Amulet anywhere inside your home or business and they instantly engulf the surrounding area in an Etheric Bubble of Celestial Protection! They will instantaneously bless any area with good fortune, good health, blessings of peace and the ultimate in protection!
The protective power of the Notre Dame Gargoyle will, in fact, grow stronger and become more beneficial over time. If you decide to move, you can take your talisman and its protective good fortune with you! If you own your own business, you may start to experience unusually high volumes of trade shortly after placing your Notre Dame Gargoyle there!

All pertinent information will be included in your shipment.

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Black Magick Gargoyle of Notre Dame Protection Amulet

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