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Black Banishing, Hex Breaking & Protection Candles ~ 4
These are One-of-a-Kind & Very Potent Magick Candles!! All of my Spellcasting is done using Purely Positive White Light Magick! This Unique Energy has been imbued into your Candle so this is what the Universe will draw to you: Extreme Protection & Banishing!
All you need to do is mentally emit your problems to the candle, light and enjoy! The candle will absorb your issues and once lit, the energies from the fire will mingle into the ethers and begin positive changes in your favor! You are literally burning away bad luck and it is replaced by good! Evil Spirits do not have a chance once these are lit! Curses & hexes are instantly broken! You will be cloaked in a shield of invisible protection! Use them in during your Magick Rituals or enjoy their warm & cozy glow any time!

Best when used during the Dark Moon to set your intentions.  Also can be utilize for any of the following:
*Banishing Evil & Malevolent Spirits
*Clear your Space of Negative Vibrations
*Breaking Curses & Hexes
*Protection from Evil Eye
*Uncrossing Spells/Reversal Magick
*Boosting Magick Spells
*Dark Spirit Work
*Voodoo, Hoodoo, Santeria, or Yoruba Work
*Dark Goddess Work
*Druid Work
*Breaking or Releasing Addictive Tendencies
*Karmic Retribution
*Enhanced Psychic Awareness & 3rd Eye Opening
*Astral Projection
*Deep Meditation
*Ancestor Honoring/Rituals
*Harvest/Samhain Rituals
*Crone Mother Wisdom
Your purchase is for a Set of 4 unscented Midnight Black Protection & Banishing Tealight Candles, each with a burn time of about 4 hours.  Spellcast during the Dark Moon and blessed in my Sacred Space, anointed with Fairy Dust and an occult herbal blend, which includes lemongrass. Due to the herbal topping, these candles need extra care & attention while burning - never leave unattended.  Poured in a clear plastic cup with proportional weight so they are able to float on water, adding a uniquely beautiful illumination during your ritual bath, spellworkings or meditations.

Black Banishing, Hex Breaking & Protection Candles ~ 4


    S​tarry 1 Night

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