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Bewitched Valentine Candle Love Beauty Spellcast Pillar
Bewitched ValentineCandle Love  & BeautySpellcast PillarThis Candle is a special request for Valentine’s Day but can be used any time of year! It was Spellcast with my Bewitched Valentine Spells during January’s Full Wolf Moon to usher in Love energies! Incorporate into any of your Love Rituals, during your Meditation Sessions or simply to Enjoy! Once lit, the energies within this Magick Candle will spark Love & Romance in your life! It can help bring you your Soul Mate, or enhance the passion in your current relationship.This Candle will enhance Romance & Passion ~ Aligning Cosmic Energies to bring you your Soul Mate or Igniting the Sparks in your current relationship. Only the appropriate Love Spells you desire will be activated for you ~ not any that you do not want. Utilize them for ALL matters relating to the heart.If you are wanting to draw Love to you, the best time to burn it is the night of the New/Dark Moon and anytime thereafter until the Full Moon.The Spells infused into this Candle can:Bring you your True LoveRenew Love with current partnerSeduce a LoverBring RomanceEnhance Sex & EnduranceCreate LustEnhance Sexual ProwessEnflame Passion & SensualityDeepen desireStrengthen Bonds & Spiritual ConnectionsEnhance Beauty, Lush Hair, Smooths Wrinkles, Slim waist, etc.Bring Attraction & AllureInitiate positive relationshipsYour purchase is for 1 Bewitched Valentine Candle Love Spell Beeswax Pillar, rolled in rose petals and fairy dust. Also anointed with my “Beloved” perfume oil. Attached is my “Candle Love Spell” you can recite, as well as a tiny metal heart charm you can attach to a necklace or use anyway you desire. (remove paper, ribbon & Charm before burning candle.) *photos show a representative sample of candles, so there may be slight variations in ribbon colors/appearance. These Candles will be offered on a limited basis, so don’t hesitate in making your purchase!

Bewitched Valentine Candle Love Beauty Spellcast Pillar


    S​tarry 1 Night

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