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BELOVED Damask Rose Love Ritual Perfume Oil
Utilizing the Ancient Celtic Spells of my Ancestors, I Spellcast this Oil for Love, Attraction, Beauty, Allure and gives you a Welcoming & Receptive Aura.

This scent is called “Beloved” designed to help place you in the flow of love energies that will manifest beneficial blessings for you. It will help bring you your Soul Mate or fan the flames of passion in your current relationship. It was created using Damask Roses grown in my Fairy Garden. Also known as the Rose of Castil, the Damask Rose is an Ancient class of hybrid Rose with innate Magickal powers to attract love. Additionally charged with rose petals and a pure rose quartz chipstone to further increase your love blessings as they are powerful love, relationship and romance bringers. And blessed under the full moon with lunar energy. There’s a lot of Magick packed into this little bottle!

This bewitching Magick Gemstone Perfume Potion was created using the most luxurious of oils!  I never dilute my oils, so this is a very strong and powerful scent that will last a long time. 

Your purchase is for one 10 mL glass bottle, with a convenient roll-on applicator. Use to anoint yourself, your ritual tools, as an offering for your Spirit friends, in the bath, or anywhere you wish love energies to blossom! **please note there is a pink tinge to this oil so test areas for steadfastness.

BELOVED Damask Rose Love Ritual Perfume Oil


    S​tarry 1 Night

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