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Banish Evil Spirits & Remove Curses Protection Spells Cleansing
Banish Evil
Spirits &
Remove Curses

  This is a service High Priestess Rebecca is providing to Spiritually banish Evil (Spirits or Energies), from your Body and/or Home. She then purifies your Body and Home all of these lower energies. Finalizing with a defensive protective barrier to keep hexes and Evil spirits away from you. Depending on the type of Evil she's dealing with, this could take her anywhere from a few to several hours. You will receive an email the following day after the ritual has been completed.

Upon checkout, please include your full name and date of birth. If you are dealing with someone who has cursed or sent Evil to you, please provide me with their name and any additional information you have regarding your situation.

While this is a powerful service, there may be instances where additional banishing may be required, such as if someone is relentless in cursing you or you unintentionally encounter Evil Spirits. 
**Please note, not everyone who believes they are cursed is actually cursed. Many times a series of bad events or difficult situations arise in ones life as teaching lessons.  If Rebecca doesn't feel this service is appropriate for you, we will let you know.  Due to the intense time & energy involved in her ceremonies, she will not waste your or our time.
There is no shipping fee for this service.

Full name, DOB and any additional info.:

Banish Evil Spirits & Remove Curses Protection Spells Cleansing

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