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Baby Lemurian Star Dragon Egg
Baby Lemurian
Star Dragon

Here be Baby Dragons! Utilizing the Sacred Dragon Invocations of my Ancestors, I’ve exclusively summoned these orphaned Baby Star Dragons. They came through a Hidden Portal in the Hawaiian Islands and are from the Ancient land of Lemuria/Mu. They are powerful little Spirits of Light and have the ability to Illuminate your life utilizing Ancient Lemurian Magick! This includes the ability to help heal and bring cellular rejuvenation by enhancing & repairing your DNA. They are keepers of Akashic Information, Universal Mysteries, Lost Treasures & Secret Alchemistical Codes. They can assist you with your Past Life work & release any blockages from previous karmic retributions. Any Spiritual or Karmic blocks that have been holding you back from reaching your goals will diminish & be released so that you may now move forward in the healthiest way. Your Baby Dragon will activate latent abilities stored from previous lifetimes. He or She will also bring balance & harmony so you are better able to focus on anything you desire, as well as give you the courage & strength you need to deal with difficult people or situations.

These babies are highly psychic, clairvoyant & have the capability to manifest your wishes into reality. They are the ultimate good fortune bringers and can bless you with untold wealth, riches and luxuries.

They manifest in spectral form as tiny baby Western-looking Dragons, no bigger than the size of your palm. They will always be babies. Their scales shimmer in the color of their chosen gemstone egg. For example, a baby housed in an Amethyst Egg, will have purple coloring. They like to sit on your shoulder or be near you. You may even hear soft purring or cooing noises as signs of contentment. Is one on your shoulder now? Yes, they can visit you before your purchase to help ‘nudge’ you to welcome them!

Your purchase is for 1 unnamed male or female Baby Lemurian Star Dragon Egg. These come in a variety of gemstones ~ if you have a preference, let me know, otherwise I will intuitively choose one for you. They each bring their own Metaphysical blessings as well. Egg measures about 1” tall by .75” across. It does not open; the babies have hatched but prefer the comfort of these natural vessels.

Caring for a Baby Dragon is very easy ~ all they really need is your love~!  You could also enlist other Adult Dragon's in your keep to assist.  All information will be included in your shipment.

Enter gemstone preference or type 'no preference' for me to choose one for you.

Baby Lemurian Star Dragon Egg


    S​tarry 1 Night

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