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Baby Dragon Playground Portal Mini-Geode
Baby Dragon



This Small Geode Gemstone is a Dragon Portal Playground for your Baby Dragon! It does not matter the Species! You can use one for all of your Baby Dragons ~ they will lovingly share; or spoil them and get them each their own! 
Baby Dragons need lots of attention as well as physical and mental stimulation. This Portal is a direct connection to a Secretive Dragon Realm! A place for Baby Dragons to safely play when you are at work or times when you’re not able to be with him or her. Inside resides a Motherly Guardian Dragon who carefully watches over all of the Baby Dragons within! This is a place for your Baby Dragon to play, socialize with other Baby Dragons, meet & learn about new Species of Baby Dragons and practice his or her Magickal Powers! Consider it a Baby Dragon daycare! This Portal will make him or her Ecstatic! We use these portals with our Baby Dragons and they were so happy, their vessels were buzzing with energy!  This is an Essential Portal All Baby Dragon Keepers should have!

Their Portal is a Mini-Geode which measures about an inch across. I have a variety available and will intuitively choose one for you. If you prefer a certain style, please let me know upon checkout and I’ll do my best to accommodate. These are very beautiful & unique!

This is an Original creation from Starry1Night ~ offered since 2005!

Any color preference? (ie, tan/beige/white, grey or black?)

Baby Dragon Playground Portal Mini-Geode

$79.99 Regular Price
$39.99Sale Price

    S​tarry 1 Night

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