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Atlantis Aura Cleansing
The Aura is the Spiritual Energy that surrounds you. Many people are able to see auras and your Aura can change color depending on your Mood as well as levels of Energy. A healthy Aura is a clear & bright; you feel great and things seem to ‘go your way!’
Every day we are faced with challenges, both big and small, which can cause worry & stress; these feelings are either carried with you for the day or days (perhaps even weeks & months later), or the issue is small and you think about it for a little while; perhaps deal with it and then it is resolved and/or forgotten. In both instances our Aura becomes thick & cloudy with negative energy. Even if you have physically resolved your issue, the negative energy it created becomes trapped in your Aura. Even the energy from something negative that happened to you years ago can remain stuck in your Aura and is known as stagnant negative energy – this energy is very damaging and can affect you on many levels. It is like Bob Cratchit’s ghost lugging his heavy chains…..break free from your chains!!
The best way to cleanse & brighten your Aura is through my remote Atlantis Aura Cleansing.
Situations that warrant an Aura Cleanse:
*Fighting with someone ~ (hopefully not physically); this applies if you have been arguing or in conflict with a friend, family member, coworker or even an acquaintance.
*If you are involved in any Court Case
*Chronic health issues and/or pain
*Feeling depressed, like nothing is going right; get 1 step ahead then 2 steps behind
*Unable to connect with and/or communicate with your Spiritual friends (Djinn, Vampires, etc.) or feel a loss of psychic abilities and/or your 3rd eye is closed
*Traumatic life events such as deaths, divorce, bankruptcy, etc. and/or early life traumas/ inner child healing
What you will gain,
*A sense of peace & harmony
*Feeling things are getting better/going right for you
*Feeling happier & positive energy surrounding you
*Enhanced Spirit communication & Psychic abilities; 3rd eye will be awakened, open & cleared
*Living a healthier life; if you are exercising, eating right and taking great care of yourself, don’t forget this most important aspect to a healthier lifestyle!
*Use in conjunction with my Babaji Chakra Balancing for strongest effects.
*This is a wonderful supplement to use after having my DNA Activation performed.
The number of Aura Cleansings you need are based on you & how much negative energy/situations you’re exposed to on a daily basis. This is something you could have done weekly, monthly or yearly, it is your choice & how you’re feeling. I liken the effects of this procedure as doing a relaxing yoga or meditation session. There is nothing you need to do, other than be open to receiving.  I gather crystals, oils, candles, herbs and call upon the Spirits of Atlantis to assist me in this process.

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Atlantis Aura Cleansing

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    S​tarry 1 Night

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