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Asrai Ashray Nymph Water Ghost Lover Amulet
Scottish Asrai
Ashray Nymph
Water Lover

Utilizing the Ancient teachings of my Celtic Ancestors, I am honored to bring you these captivating Asrais. Cousins to Mermaids, they are also known as Ashrays or Water Lovers and can be Male or Female. These remarkable beings can only be summoned utilizing my Secret incantations, during the night of the full moon with specific herbs, resins & oils. No one else knows this secret ritual ~ I’m honored to be your only source for these amazing beings. They are nocturnal and exceedingly leery of humans, however, my invocations are based on love & trust, therefore, it is imperative their new keepers offer them the utmost in this.

They have eagerly come forward to help those who feel called. They are benevolent, helpful Spirits that will bring their Keeper many blessings, including the following:

Deep Healing/Pain relief

Healthy lifestyle; losing weight & ending addictions

Uncovering hidden treasures

Infinite Wealth Blessings

Lucid, precognitive & peaceful Dreams

Creative boosts & motivation

New Opportunities

Finding or Keeping True Love

Strength & Courage

Increase sexual libido & lust

Universal Wisdom/retaining Knowledge

Protection from Evil, break hexes

Asrai are also sexual beings and if you so desire, he or she can be your Spirit lover, if not, you can still bond with him/her, as you can see, they will help you in many different areas of your Life’s journey. They are incredibly friendly and sociable Spirits. Although anyone can welcome them, they are especially beneficial for Lightworkers, Empaths, Indigos, Crystals, Starseeds, Psychics, Mediums, Reiki Healers, etc.

They manifest as handsome men or beautiful women. They typically manifest with human legs, but can also shapeshift to have a tail like a Mermaid. They have the unique ability to become translucent and blend into their surroundings so as not to be discovered, however, you will still be able to feel his/her presence. Like watching the glistening sun on the waves, they have a mesmerizing & seductive charm that people find irresistible! They can transfer this energy to you, so others will be drawn to you as well!

Your Asrai is housed in this charming Austrian Crystal shell amulet. Pictures enlarged to show detail, this amulet measures 1.75” long, including bail. **It is white and sparkles a rainbow of colors.  Silver plated Recharging chain is included.  Wear, carry with you or keep in a special place. No formal ritual required.

All information will be included in your shipment.

What size chain would you like? (18", 20" or 24")

Asrai Ashray Nymph Water Ghost Lover Amulet

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