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Arcus Iridis Rainbow Phoenix Greek Mystical Bird Amulet ~ MALE

For your consideration is a captivating Rainbow Phoenix! These beautiful creatures were summoned by several Necromancers on Mount Olympus, Greece, home of the Olympian Gods, and a Vortex to different Spiritual dimensions. The “Arcus Iridis” Rainbow Phoenixes were summoned during strict lunar times and phases utilizing intense Rituals, specialized Phoenix sacred oils, herbs, incense and Ancient Invocations.


This Sacred bird resembles a heron with vibrant rainbow-colored plumage. Before the Phoenix dies/resurrects it builds a funeral pyre and lays down in it, singing a beautiful song. From its ashes, a new Rainbow Phoenix arises. This Beautiful Bird Never Dies~ but is born anew from its old former self. This is an especially strong Spirit for anyone going through any major transformations in Life; births, deaths, divorce, marriage, break-ups, new job, new location, etc. This is an excellent Companion for those who wish to leave a negative or damaging part of their past behind and move forward with a fresh outlook & on a more positive path. The Rainbow Phoenix brings dynamic renewal and new beginnings. Doors you once thought were closed will effortlessly open, or new opportunities will present themselves to you! The Rainbow colors of this remarkable bird correlate with the Chakras and he/she will help open, clear and align them, making you feel wonderful. Bringing support and guidance, they can help lead you to natural herbs and live a healthier lifestyle. Although anyone can welcome him/her, they are especially beneficial for Reiki healers, Shamans, or those who use alternate methods to help heal themselves or others. (*always consult your healthcare professional first).


The Rainbow Phoenix brings a harmonious balance to your life, as well as beauty, enlightenment and extreme good luck. Just as a rainbow touches both the sky and earth, your Rainbow Phoenix brings a strong Spiritual unification, a bridge between the heavenly realms and Earth’s physical dimensions; a deeper Spiritual awareness and an opening of you psychic senses. Give your problems to your Rainbow Phoenix so he or she can take them to the highest realms of the Universe for resolution, forever changing your fate for the better. These deeply Magickal creatures provide hope in the midst of despair and will help transform your life into something purer. Call upon your Rainbow Phoenix for strength and renewed energy when facing life’s trials. They are especially helpful for those who need special strength, courage and healing. Any issues, big or small, there is nothing he/she cannot help you accomplish! They Protect their Keeper from all Evils, Hexes and Negative Energies. Intrinsically Wise& All-Knowing, they are Masters of Arcane Knowledge. They are wish-grantors and can manifest your dreams into reality. Welcome a Rainbow Phoenix into your life and watch as Miracles unfold.


Your purchase if for one Greek Arcus Iridis Rainbow Phoenix housed in this beautiful Phoenix amulet composed of sterling silver, featuring an iridescent tail feather of ore kyanite that shimmers in blues and rainbow colors. This is a Male Phoenix and he came through unnamed, so you can choose his name for him. You can wear, carry with you or simply keep in a special place. Sterling silver Recharging chain in your choice of size included. 


All pertinent information will accompany your shipment.

Arcus Iridis Rainbow Phoenix Greek Mystical Bird Amulet ~ MALE

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