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Archangel Raziel Black Amulet

"Archangel of Mysteries" "Secret of God" "Keeper of Secrets”


The Wizard Alchemist Archangel of Clairvoyance, Raziel brings Spiritual understanding and will assist you with Reclaiming your Inner Power. He possesses an Astonishing amount of information on all matters Secret, Arcane, and Mysterious! He has incredible knowledge and insight because he is the Archangel that writes down everything around God’s Throne. He is the legendary author of the Magickal “Book of the Archangel Raziel,” wherein all Celestial and Earthly knowledge is revealed. This Book contains 1,500 Keys to the Mysteries of the Universe, written in such a way that even the greatest Angels cannot decipher it, however, you will have access to new revelations through the direct assistance of Raziel himself! The Book of Raziel was last known to be in the hands of Solomon and has since disappeared. Raziel is an excellent assistant to writers or those wishing to begin their writing career; he brings inspiration & motivation as well as increasing/bettering your writing skills.


Raziel is knowledgeable in several Mystical Arts and can reveal the Mysteries of Thoth, Hermes, Merlin the Magician, and countless others. He brings assistance for you for all things Magickal and will help expand your innate psychic abilities; he will bestow blessings of clairvoyance, clairaudience (the abilities to see/hear/sense Spirits), 3rd eye opening, Lucid & Prophetic Dreams, Telepathy, and Aura & Chakra Cleansings. He erases Karmic mistakes from your past so you’re able to move forward, he will give powerful boosts to your own Magickal workings, rituals & spells, and so much more! He will bestow you with profound messages& gifts to lighten your path!


Raziel is tall, has large wings, and wears a grey & black robe which appears to have swirling, liquid-like properties. His Vessel is this Mystifying Jet Black Crystal Amulet with sterling silver bail. This small amulet measures just under 1” in total length (including bail). Wear, carry with you or place Raziel’s Amulet in any Special Area of your Home or Office where you can see it every day and you will be AMAZED at how good you Feel! His Energy radiates off the Amulet and give you the Extra Energy you need to get through your Day! Recharging Chain included.


Archangel Raziel is indeed a Powerful Spirit and he will provide you with a calmness and serenity that only their divine kind can provide. Your stress and anxieties will melt away when you hold or even look at this Amulet! Archangels are instruments of peace, guidance, wisdom and bring you closer to the Angelic Realm. This would also make a unique & stunning gift for the Angel lover in your life!


All information will be included in your shipment.

Archangel Raziel Black Amulet


    S​tarry 1 Night

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