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Archangel Raphael Purple Amulet
"God Heals" ~ “It is God who Heals” God, Please Heal” ~ “God Has Healed”
Archangel Raphael is credited with healing the earth and its inhabitants and he often appears holding a bottle or flask or as a young man carrying a staff or fish. His loving personality outshines his physical characteristics~ he is often described as being friendly, amusing, gentle and kind.
Health and vitality are your natural state of being. Your symptoms give clues to help you find causes of imbalance.
When you are ill or in the midst of a serious issue or problem, it leaves you open and vulnerable to many psychic intrusions and thought forms that can blow issues completely out of proportion; what started off as the sniffles can quickly turn into something more serious. Likewise a minor financial problem can suddenly blossom into a huge concern. Raphael comes to remind you that it is not up to you to figure out how to heal yourself, it is your duty instead to call upon him to guide you with clarity and love in your process of healing.
He lovingly comforts anyone in spiritual pain or wrenching emotional ordeals. He has been called the "Angel of the Sun" because of his ability to rekindle the spark of life in sick bodies and his reputation for performing "medical miracles" has also earned him the title of the "Angel of Science and Knowledge."
Raphael's message is that all aspects of your life should all fit together like a puzzle~ the essence of healing is having all the pieces in place, having every area of your life functioning at the highest levels possible.
If you are drawn to this Stunning Amulet, it may be an indication that you are in need of some deep healing or that you may be called upon to help heal another. Perhaps you have been wanting to start a healing career of your own and have been seeking a healer to help you find your own way through. Ask Raphael to begin by healing and opening your heart, embrace the energy that begins to flow to you through this Archangel's love for you! It can all happen in the twinkling of an eye if you are open and willing to receive it!
This Amulet has been Universally Attuned to the Vibrational Frequency of Archangel Raphael~ like a cell phone to call him directly! It is a Heavenly Purple Swarovski Crystal Amulet with a sterling silver bail. Free Recharging Chain included! Ideal for a man or woman, it is not necessary to wear the Amulet to experience his blessings, simply carry with you or keep in a Special place within your home.
Archangels are able to intuitively see areas of your life that need help or improvement for you and will bestow you with gentle blessings in the right direction. They are beings of pure goodness and do not possess the ability to do evil.
Archangel Raphael will provide you with a calmness and serenity that only their Divine kind can provide! Your stress and anxieties will melt away when you wear or hold this Amulet! Archangels are instruments of peace, guidance, wisdom and bring you closer to the Angelic Realm. They bring the Ultimate in Protection, Love, Support & Guidance!
For your convenience, there is no formal ritual needed to be bestowed his blessings as whoever is in possession of this Holy Amulet will automatically receive the Healing Energy, Guidance and Love of Archangel Raphael.
  ****Please do not substitute using this item for proper Medical Treatment! Always consult your Doctor or Health Care Provider First!****

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Archangel Raphael Purple Amulet

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