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Archangel Gabriel Gold Amulet
Archangel Gabriel was summoned through a Consecrated, Holy and Sacred Ceremony, in recognition of God's Love for humans. All are Welcome ~ it doesn't matter which religion you believe in, the fact is the Divine Higher Power has Provided Angels for our Benefit!
This Talisman will bring you the Closest Connection possible with Archangel Gabriel! Your life will be filled with such joy & blessings when you're able to have the Immediate Power of Archangel Gabriel Directly at your fingertips!
"Master of God" or "God is my Strength"
A Divine messenger, Archangel Gabriel brings good news in abundance! His Energy will uplift your Spirit and help you feel more fully connected with the Universe. Gabriel alerts you to be more awake and aware and to pay attention to the messages you are sending into the World each day so that only the best may be sent back to you. Gabriel holds the Book of Knowledge and is the bringer of fresh renewal and the acknowledgement that nothing ever dies but simply changes to a different form and is born anew in other realms of existence. For those whose life path involves channeling in all its forms, Gabriel is present, helping to keep the path clear and to help you focus upon the highest and purest aspects of the messages.
In Christian belief, he was the Archangel that appeared to Mary to give her news of the impending birth of Jesus. Gabriel brings news of your Spiritual Destiny, that which the soul has agreed to embark upon in this lifetime. He also teaches you that no destiny is more important than another. He is of extreme importance in understanding your path through life and its overall greater significance. Gabriel may have appeared to you today because you are ready to grasp and move forward on your path of destiny and in doing so, he brings an ever increasing abundance of messages and hope that what you are seeking will be manifested or accomplished. Gabriel speaks through the heart, not the mind. It is through the voice of emotion, when you think of a path and feel your heart and soul soaring, that is Gabriel bringing the message that it is the proper path to pursue.
Archangel Gabriel will bestow your life with Powerful Blessings! Gabriel's signs are the lily; shield, spear and trumpet.
His vibrations resonate within you creating not only a sense of magic and joy in your world but healing, restoration and empowerment. This Archangel is a Pure and Radiant Deity who will bring you peace, love and light!
He is Attuned to this Dazzling Gold Swarovski Crystal gemstone with a sterling silver bail. Free recharging chain included! This gorgeous Amulet is truly sparkling and beautiful! It's like having a bit of sunshine around you during the dark winter months!  This Amulet is very nice for anyone afflicted with SAD. 
Wear, hold or keep this Amulet near and you will find yourself channeling profound and loving messages directly from Archangel Gabriel!
An Archangel will provide you with a calmness and serenity that only their divine kind can provide. Your stress and anxieties will melt away when you wear or hold this Amulet! You can ask wishes of Gabriel and he is compelled to help you in whatever peaceful manner possible ~ he is an instrument of peace, guidance and wisdom and brings you a closer connection to the Angelic Realm. Wear this Amulet on a necklace or carry with you, keep in a special place, place in your childs bedroom, or give as a gift to a loved one.
Whether youre just beginning your Metaphysical Journey or Advanced in your Pursuits, Archangel Gabriel will be, without a doubt, a Positive addition to your life!
For your ease of use, all of the hard work has already been performed~ therefore, there is no formal ritual required. You decide how formal and how much interaction you want with this Archangel! Whoever is in possession of this Amulet will reap Archangel Gabriels blessings! Although talking with him is always encouraged, he is able to read your thoughts and know your desires without physically stating them!
Archangels are able to intuitively see areas of your life that need help or improvement for you and will bestow you with gentle blessings in the right direction. They are beings of pure goodness and do not possess the ability to do evil.

Archangel Gabriel Gold Amulet


    S​tarry 1 Night

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