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Aqua Aura Crystal Skull of Atlantis of Spiritual Awakening
Aqua Aura Crystal Skull of
Secrets of the
This Aqua Aura Skull is a portal to the Ancient City of Atlantis. Atlantis was the longest civilization ever, so nearly everyone has experienced a past life there. They lived totally in the joyful present and interacted with and loved nature; they were happy and relaxed and filled their lives with simple fun, creativity, laughter and contemplation. They were excellent herbalists, aromatherapists and hypnotherapists and as well as skilled spiritual and crystal healers. Crystals and gemstones were worshiped and revered for their natural abilities, making them an essential part of their everyday life. Now is the time to tune into the energy of Atlantis ~ the Angels & Guides are telling us that opening our minds to it will enhance and empower our spiritual journey.

Atlantis was the most spiritually evolved time there has ever been on Earth, in which all of the people lived at a 5th dimensional frequency. These enlightened ones enjoyed psychic gifts, including healing, clairvoyance, ESP and kinesis skills. They could see fairies, angels, unicorns and guides and hear what they said without any blockages. They could hold a complicated picture in their mind with such clarity and concentration that the object would instantly manifest. Many developed teleportation, mind control, telekinesis and levitation; and buildings were created in this way. And they could even pull in minerals and metals from other planets, make themselves invisible, conquer gravity, control their heart rate, temperature and sugar levels and see into the distant future. They developed awesome advanced technology and  were deeply content.

They had a massive Crystal Skull made of pure Source energy housed in the Temple of Poseidon. This was the power generator for the whole continent and it linked to a network of crystal skulls, forming a power grid, so that people everywhere could access clean, free energy for lighting, heating, transportation or anything else, by tuning their individual crystal skull with the grid. It was a constant source of new technology, handed down by the Gods & Goddesses and downloaded to each of the individual crystal skulls. By holding the skulls to the 3rd eye, they could access a personal educational and spiritual program tailored just for them.

The way they maintained their high level of psychic attunement and spiritual connection is very simple and available to you now, through this Aqua Aura Crystal Skull. The people of Atlantis did not have computers, but they used the next best thing ~ knowing quartz was able to receive, store and transmit information telepathically, they imbued several Crystal Skulls with Arcane Wisdom and Occult Knowledge and hid them through the Earth. Utilizing the Secret Codes of Atlantis, these Aqua Aura Skulls have been Metaphysically Imbued and Magickally linked to all of the other hidden Crystal Skulls on our Planet, including the Mayan Crystal Skulls.

As the Earth Shifts in new and exciting ways, it is important to own this Aqua Aura Skull to not only help stabilize these shifts, but deep and enhance your own Spiritual Awakening.

Many people find that their Skull takes on a life of their own and is inhabited by a Spiritual being, who will reveal his/her name to you. He or She will lovingly teach & guide you through Akashic Work, Natural Healing modalities, Spirit Communication and anything you desire. Their connection to you will be strong through telepathy as well as in visions & dreams. They have tremendous psychic abilities and can assist you in awakening these talents within you. They can assist you with your Past Life work and help you in finding out who you were in any Era. Through their premonition, they can accurately predict future events for you and/or your loved ones. Through your Skull Spiritual Guide, you can connect not only to Atlantis & the Mayans, but the Spiritual Realms where all higher vibrational beings reside. If you desire, you can also call upon these beautiful Spirits to assist you.

Skulls have been revered by the Ancients for many different forms of good fortune, such as wealth, success, good health, spiritual enlightenment, etc. Just one of these Aqua Aura Skulls holds a complete library full of knowledge, from Ancient Wisdom to Future Events. Many prominent people in the World, such as Celebrities, Illuminati Members, Royalty and Government Officials are currently utilizing these Exclusive Crystal Skulls. They are being used for Ceremonial work, Generating Wealth, Fame & Fortunes, Healing, Energy work, and Enhancing one's psychic abilities. There really is no limit to what this Aqua Aura Skull can do for you!

Your purchase is for 1 Aqua Aura Crystal Skull. It measures about 1 ½” long by 1.25” tall. This Skull contains Secret codes & Transmits messages from Atlantis. It clears your Aura, balances your Chakras and brings deep healing on a cellular level. All blockages and imbalances are resolved as it connects with the restorative energies of the Universal Life Force. Although the energy from this crystal can be intense, it also has a very calming and soothing effect. This crystal allows one to communicate with Spirits, as well as with beings in other dimensions and alternate Universes. It radiates an invisible beacon of light for other lightworkers and high-vibrational beings to draw in love and healing. It is considered a quick manifesting crystal and can bring your desires effortlessly into fruition simply by holding or placing on a grid and focusing on your intent. It is connected to the Gods of Atlantis and the High Council, allowing you insight into all of your past lives and reveals your true life’s purpose. It opens the 3rd eye and facilitates psychic communication, clairvoyance and telepathy. It is also helpful in healing spiritual wounds that allow "energy leaks" and will assist you in regaining a balanced emotional state if you’ve been energetically traumatized by negative people/environments.

You will cherish having this extremely powerful Skull in your collection.

All information will be included in your shipment.

Aqua Aura Crystal Skull of Atlantis of Spiritual Awakening

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