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Apostle of Christ Djinn Amulet, Your Choice
Apostle of Christ

  This Amulet was cast in a guarded ceremony involving the Brotherhood of Christ, the most elusive and powerful of Christian Illuminati Secret Organizations. Their Articles are being utilized around the Globe, assisting the tope Elite, Nobles, Millionaires and Worldly Influencers. The Brotherhood used Ancient Sacred Illuminati Invocations to imbue this amulet with the Apostle of Christ Djinn. The 12 Apostles were Jesus’s closest confidants, and similarly, these Djinn honor Christ as their redeemer and work under his divine guidance to manifest your deepest wishes! They have been taught the highest form of Holy Magick, with the highest rate of manifestation! We are not meant to live this life alone, without any Spiritual guidance or assistance! Jesus chose these Djinn as instruments of his divine workings!

This Apostle Djinn works on all levels to assist you and can bestow you with great luxury, love, protection, peace, wisdom and more. He can grant you the insight and clarity to make the most effective and ultimately, right decisions. You can consult with him daily as your closest advisor for Wisdom and Power. This Wise Djinn possesses the following virtues: powers of attraction, learning with ease & retaining knowledge, attract luck and prosperity, ward off evil and negative energies, help you to develop psychic abilities and so much more that will be unique to you. He is an incredible teacher and will show you hidden mysteries of the Universe! This knowledge will advance you far along your Spiritual journey and bless you with the ability to live your true life’s purpose. Your Djinn will help you with any difficult or seemingly impossible situation and shift them from negative to positive. He can deliver miracles directly to you as long as you hold the simple belief that through God, anything is possible. He will open the gateways for you to step into the reality of everyday miracles! All of this is waiting for you with this all-powerful Djinn!
Offered are 6 Apostle Djinn Amulets; you can make your choice from the drop-down menu. They are all equally powerful and will bring you incredible blessings! They are a mix of blue turquoise, red coral, carnelian, green turquoise and lapis. They are set in an Alchemical mix of metals with intricate detailing representing a heavenly forest of leaves and deer. A Recharging cord is included but it is recommended you place or hang someplace special instead of wear.
If you feel a strong pull to this Amulet (and perhaps you’re not even sure why), do not hesitate in making your purchase! This Apostle Djinn has something special in store for you!
  All pertinent information will be included in your shipment.

Apostle of Christ Djinn Amulet, Your Choice

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