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Aphrodite Love Attunement
Aphrodite is the Goddess of love, beauty and passionate sexuality, and she is associated with the planet Venus. With this Attunement I draw upon the powers of Aphrodite through the planet Venus to bring you: help in finding a soulmate, reignite attraction & sexual desire in your current relationship/marriage, increased passion, enhanced sexuality & sexual prowess, love, healing intimacy issues, clarity, feeling beautiful and self-love. This Attunement helps open, clear & expand your Heart Chakra, transforming any negative love issues into positive loving energy.

This Attunement can be done as often as you prefer. Both Men & Women can benefit from this Attunement. You can combine this Attunement with any other Attunement. They will all work effectively together to enhance your life!

This Attunement will be delivered via Spiritually distant Chi-ball method. I prepare the energy and send it to you. You receive/open the energy at your convenience. This is a service I am providing for you, therefore you will not receive anything in the mail.

Aphrodite Love Attunement

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