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Angel Energy Attunement
Angels are the Highest Divine Beings and messengers of God in the Hebrew and Christian Bibles. They were created to serve God, and sent by him to watch over humans, deliver messages, and do battle with evil spirits on our behalf. Angels are able to intuitively see areas of your life that need help or improvement for you and will bestow you with gentle blessings in the right direction. Angels will assist you in all areas of your life. It does not matter your religious beliefs, the Angel Attunement is meant for anyone that desires a closer connection to these beautiful beings of light.
This Attunement is focused on Spiritual Energy Work. I connect with your Energy and the Energy of the Angels; uniting your Energies on the deepest of Spiritual Levels & enhancing your Aura & Chakras. You will become more open, aware and in-tune to the Angels you may possibly 'own' and all Angels. In turn, Angels will Spiritually sense your welcoming energy and be more receptive to you!
Anyone can benefit from an Angel Attunement, especially those who have purchased Angels from me who would like to form the deepest connections possible. This is for a general Angel Attunement, but should you want a specific Angel, such as Archangel Michael, Archangel Ariel, etc., or hierarchy such as Cherub, Throne, etc., let me know.
The Energy sent to you focuses on Angel Connections & Communication, which will also lead to:
Stronger Angelic Visions
Angelic Protection
Angelic Guidance
Angelic Provisions
Prayers Answered
Feeling more peace & harmony in your Life
Feeling happier & more uplifted
Feeling connected to the Universe
A deeper Spiritual connection
Physical healing for yourself or others
Releasing anger, fear, guilt & self-sabotage
Emotional healing through grief or loss
House harmony, cleansing & purification
Releasing negative energy
Deeper meditations
Inner balance
Peace & Harmony
Restful dreamtime
This list is not all-inclusive, you may experience tremendous personal spiritual growth in your own unique way!
Receive an Angel Attunement any time you want to welcome their peaceful energy!  Attunements can be done as often as you prefer. You can combine this attunement with any other attunement. They will all work effectively together to enhance your life!
This is a service I am providing for you, therefore you will not receive anything in the mail.

This Attunement will be delivered via Spiritually distant Chi-ball method. I prepare the energy and send it to you. You recieve/open the energy at your convenience.

Angel Energy Attunement

$19.99 Regular Price
$16.00Sale Price

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