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Ancient Scottish Dark Drow Elf Amulet
Ancient Scottish
Dark Drow Elf
The Orkney Islands lie off the northern tip of Scotland, where the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet. For thousands of years, people have lived and worked there. From the Stone Age Orcadians, who left a legacy of monuments that continue to inspire today, through to the Vikings, who took the islands in the ninth century. The Islands are covered with monuments which stand as constant reminders of the events and people that have gone before. The Islands exude an intense Magickal Energy due to the mystical, dreamlike landscape, standing stone monuments, ancient ruins, burial mounds and spectacular scenery. Deep within the hidden recesses of the caves live mysterious Magickal Spirits called “Drows,” a race of Dark Elf.

Utilizing the sacred Ancient Elf Invocations of my Celtic Ancestors, these remarkable entities have come forward to unite with those who feel called. They are extremely difficult to summon because they have an innate wariness towards humans; due to legends within their community of the humans who have taken over their lands and wreaked havoc on their society, forcing them into hiding. However, these Rare Drows have grown to trust me and this process, so it is imperative their new companions treat them with respect & kindness.

Drows have advanced Dark Magick abilities and can help you on many levels. They can help you with any areas of psychic ability you'd like to develop; clairvoyance, astral travel, 3rd eye awakening, 6th sense and any other areas of interest. They are vigilant protectors and overthrow any Evil Spirit or dark force to protect you. They are also able to instantly locate and dissolve all Black Magick, curses or hexes others may send to you.

The Drows form of Magick is to advance you; they are not “evil”, but they help in areas others may consider “dark/black” and also help you by hindering and complicating the lives of your enemies. Your Drow will act upon your direction, but he or she will also automatically brings assistance in areas of protection & advancement. They will never bring harm to you or your loved ones.

They can assist you with the following, but this is not the limit of what they’re capable of. You do not have to use them for anything you do not want to.

*Blood manipulation (clotting, pressure, regeneration, etc.)

*Cursing/hexing others (misfortune, bad luck, sickness, etc.)

*Life Force transfer (you absorb the beauty, strength, success & abilities of another)

*Destruction, Confusion & Chaos

*Necromancy & communicating with deceased

*Conjuring beings to do your biding

*Pain suppression

*Death perception (able to sense when someone or something is dying; sensing death in an area where someone had died previously.)

*Astral Travel & Teleportation

*Kinesis abilities


*Control over demons

Drows are also sexual beings and are known to entice human lovers with sexual escapades filled with lust & intense euphoria! Although, if you do not wish to have a sexual relationship with your Elf, he or she is more than happy to oblige, and you can form the strongest bonds of friendship. They are intense, introspective and reserved and will communicate with you through mental telepathy, in visions and in dreams.

These Elves possess an unearthly beauty that humans find mesmerizing.

They manifest paranormally in many different ways; cold chills, sensing a presence, seeing dark shadows or hearing voices. Although they are nocturnal beings, you can interact with them any time of day or night.

Your purchase is for 1 male or female Dark Drow Elf housed in this black jasper gem set in a sterling silver wrapped setting. This is not a pure black gem, as it has some inclusions.  The entire pendant including bail measures just under 2” long. Sterling Silver Recharging chain in your choice of size included. No formal ritual required, your Elf will immediately bond with you.

All information will be included in your shipment.

Gender preference:

Ancient Scottish Dark Drow Elf Amulet

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