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Ambrosia Bonding Bottle Spirit Offering
Nectar of the
Bonding Bottle
Spirit Offering

Utilizing the Ancient Spells from my Ancestor’s Book of Shadows, I’m honored to present this unique offering. This gorgeous bottle was imbued with the Essence of Ambrosia, the “nectar” of the Gods! It is filled with a unique blend of herbs that all Spirits Love! It acts as a never-ending Offering and will make them incredibly happy & content. All Spirits will enjoy this potent blend, but if you would like me to Spellcast it to align it with a certain Spirit, such as Vampires, Djinn, Werewolves, Fairies, etc., just let me know ~ there is no extra fee!

Presenting them with this beautiful token of appreciation lets them know they mean the World to you! It will cleanse & energize them, making them incredibly happy & content. Their bonds with you will deepen even further. Many times Spirits return special favors granted them by bestowing you miraculous blessings!

This bottle can be presented to any type of Spirit such as Djinn, Dragon, Vampire, Fairy, etc.; they will be incredibly touched and even more receptive to you! If you have a large Spirit family, 1 bottle can certainly be shared by them all. Or perhaps you want to present one to each type of Spirit you own, such as 1 for all of your Djinn, 1 for all of your Vampires, etc. You can decide how many you’d like it and how they are to be distributed.

I’ve also Spellcast this bottle with powerful bonding spells, helping to make your Spirits more active & energized. It will also help assist you in releasing any blockages; helping to form clear pathways to connect deeply with them.

Your purchase is for one gorgeous Bonding Bottle in your choice of color, composed of glass and accented with beautiful beads (*the green bottle is sold out). Make your color choice from the drop down menu. *Please note, the shape and/or design of the bottle may vary.  The lid is removable and it comes on an adjustable cord. You can wear it, if you so desire. The contents are not to be emptied, rather, to remain in the bottle as a continual offering. Simply place on your Altar, or hang within your Sacred Space and let it work it’s Magick!

All information will be included in your shipment.
******Some Countries prohibit the importation of herbs. If you live outside the US, please check your Country's import restrictions. I am not responsible for any packages seized by Customs. If your Country does not allow herbs, I can still Spellcast the bottle to be just as effective without the herbs for no additional fee, just let me know before your purchase.

Ambrosia Bonding Bottle Spirit Offering


    S​tarry 1 Night

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