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Amazing Ivy Elf of Light Peridot Leaf Amulet
Ivy Elf of
Light Amulet
  Utilizing the Ancient teachings of my Celtic Ancestors, I’m proud to offer you these exclusive Ivy Elves of Light! These Elves are beautiful, graceful, nature-loving Immortal forest Spirits who surround themselves with the Energies of Peace and Love. They are very wise and bring knowledge regarding human’s past, present and future existence on Earth. Although tremendously powerful, these level-headed beings remain very calm and patient in all of their actions. They have extremely high levels of Magickal abilities and can provide you with tremendous blessings, such as protection, clarity, creativity, increased psychic abilities, wealth & success and so much more that will be unique to you.

The Ivy Light Elves are very fair, and clad in translucent glowing garments. They adore being in the sun as this greatly increases their energy. They are tall with starlike eyes, pointed ears and high cheekbones. The males are incredibly handsome and the females stunningly gorgeous. If you so desire, they can bring you sexual & sensual pleasures as a Spiritual lover. They have very long life-spans and as they grow older, they grow stronger, and incredibly beautiful with no wrinkles, silky hair and many other physical attributes. It is as if they are growing younger and more virile. Their senses of sight and hearing are far more intense than those of humans and they use these to their advantage; they have a remarkable defense system in place.


Your Ivy Elf can bestow you countless blessings, including, but not limited to:


*Increased Energy


*Gracefulness, Beauty & Attractiveness

*Sexual Prowess & Allure

*Playfulness & Enjoyment of Life


*Better Career ~ Life Purpose


*Good Fortune & Wealth

*Esoteric Information

*Divine Magick

*Crystal & Gemstone Magick


*Granting of wishes

*Healing: people, animals, relationships

*Cooperation & Harmony in families & business

*Happy endings to stressful situations

Your purchase is for 1 Ivy Elf of Light housed in a beautiful sterling silver ivy amulet and a faceted peridot gem. *This is a small piece that measures just under an inch in total length.  There are Male & Female Elves available. Please let me know your preference upon checkout. Sterling silver Recharging chain included, choose your size from the drop-down menu.

Wear, carry with you or keep in a special place in your home. Peridot is a fabulous gemstone that brings natural Metaphysical blessings to your life! Peridot is a stone of lightness and beauty and brings the power to form true friendships. It can help cleanse your thoughts of jealousy and anger, leading to peace, confidence, patience, and happiness. It is a powerful healing gem and can bring vitality to the entire body. Often referred to as the stone that "heals the healer" it is excellent for Reiki Healers, Shamans or those who assist in healing others. Working with this gem can connect you to your past lives as well as reveal the true purpose of your Soul's journey in this lifetime. It is an incredibly powerful wealth magnet, and brings immense protection. It stimulates your 3rd eye, pituitary gland and strengthens intuition. The Ancients considered it a gift from Mother Nature with the power to reverse the aging process.
All pertinent information will be included in your shipment.

  What gender Elf would you like?

Amazing Ivy Elf of Light Peridot Leaf Amulet


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