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All-Purpose Voodoo Loa Poppet Banish Evil
All-Purpose Voodoo
Loa Poppet

This powerful piece is from one of my Magickal Associates, P. Jean, a Haitian Vodou Huongan Asogwe (High Priest) who resides in Louisiana. Voodoo is a powerful mystical practice that can bless anyone with gifts if they are willing to ask the generous Loas for assistance.

Each Voodoo Poppet has been imbued with the Power to transform into the specific person you desire as well as a portal to any Loa. It brings strong protection over all evils, black magick, demons, hexes, curses and people that have harmed you.  You can ask the Poppet to represent yourself and ask the Loas for wealth, love, success, and more. You can ask the Poppet to represent a friend or foe and ask for blessings, wealth, healing or justice. You can address the Poppet as if you are talking to that person. If there is something you have been worried about telling someone directly, ‘practice’ first using your Poppet! You can request a change in attitude of another, but you should not try to control them. We caution you not to use for harming another, as karma will rebound back to you x3! Once you recite the enclosed Spell, your Poppet will be sealed to represent the One person of your choosing.

Your purchase is for 1 Magick Bone Voodoo Poppet Doll Pendant measuring about 2 ½” long (including bail) and 1.25” wide at its widest point. Free black leather Recharging cord that ties is included. You do not have to wear to be bestowed its blessings; you can carry with you or keep in a special place.

You do not need to practice Voodoo to benefit from this Poppet ~ it will help anyone no matter what your religious beliefs!

All pertinent information will accompany your package.

All-Purpose Voodoo Loa Poppet Banish Evil

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