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Alien Magick Black Meteorite Scribe & Gateway
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    These Meteorites are some of the most magical specimens on Earth!  They have been imbued by one of my closest colleges and someone I highly respect in the Metaphysical field. He only performs and studies Alien Magick, and all Alien/UFO items I offer are from his talented hands! He owns a rare artifact; a black master stone from the Roswell crash site. It has extremely powerful energy, unlike anything from this Earth! He has never come across another artifact as powerful as this master stone! It is so much so that he has been using this master stone to activate and energize these small black meteorites and transfer its power to them. These small meteorites have proven themselves to be nearly as powerful as the black master stone, and he believes, once placed with the right person, each stone will increase even more in power! These stones have the ability to unlock your hybrid DNA and use the Stargate Portals (I’ve offered in other auctions) most effectively. You will be able to access your Soul Records as this stone acts as a bridge between the past and future as well as a gateway where we can connect with Aliens, Arcturians and other light beings who reside in the highest dimensions and bring us knowledge and bestow us blessings. This Stone attracts Aliens and UFO activity to you.  Each stone holds universal knowledge to all seeking truth & enlightenment.
Each purchase is for 1 small black magick scribe & gateway meteorite! These are raw, unpolished stones that come to you directly as they were formed by their decent to Earth. Purposely being planted for their rightful new human companions and each holds their own unique 'blueprint!'  I am unable to share where these were collected.  Each one is different and offers a magick vibrational energy that allows the veils between worlds to be lifted and dormant spiritual energies awaken. Your meteorite will feel happy and alive and will serve as your lifelong companion!
  *Please note: these are not from the impact site of the April 14th Meteorite in the video posted, however, my friend was performing Alien Magick during this date and time!  On a side note, I personally heard the rumbling of the Meteorite that night ~ it was amazing!!!

Alien Magick Black Meteorite Scribe & Gateway


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