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Adult Chilean Red Fire Dragon Amulet + Chain

Adult Chilean Red
Fire Dragon
  The Chilean Red Fire Dragons come to you from the Fellowship of the Dragon! Their Secret Society is based on an Intense Focus of working strictly with Dragons. This is not the kind of Magick you can learn from any book - their Society was formed through private knowledge handed down through Centuries. They work closely with Dragons and form the deepest bonds of mutual Friendship & Respect. The Dragons they work with are very receptive and have chosen to work with humans in the most beneficial ways. These Dragons have willingly come forward seeking a deep & profound connection to humans. They are very loyal companions and bring countless blessings into the lives of their new Keepers.

This Chilean Red Fire Dragon is a wonderful companion to have on your Spiritual Journey and will assist you in Extraordinary manifestations! They hail from the Mountains of Chile and will bring lots of “spice” to your Life! Fire dragons are high achievers and ‘burn’ their way through obstacles to bring you to your desires. They help with personal achievement, purification, increasing your energy, courage, stamina, sexual enhancements and assistance with your personal goals. Fire Dragons are excellent at quickly removing barriers and helping you achieve your goals. If you feel stuck or even held back in your current situation be it business, relationship, family or other, you need a Fire Dragon to assist you! They obliterate the negativity within your life so you’re able to see through the smoke and with greater clarity that which lies ahead! They are very devoted protectors and some of the most loyal and kind Dragons!

These Fascinating Fire Dragons bring Dynamic and Gregarious Energy. Their invigorating energies will uplift and transform your World! They love to hoard sparkling jewels & treasures, which in turn will bring you incredible Good Luck and Riches! They will improve your psychic abilities, leading to a deeper Spiritual connection to the Universe!
  This Chilean Dragon manifest as very large Red Western-looking Dragon with smooth scales that sparkle & shimmer in the light. It has a thick, heavy body, long neck and tail with huge red wings that can take flight in an instant. Just like a fire can grow in size and change shape, they also have the ability to change size to conform to certain situations! They can manifest through fire sources, such as a candle flame, fireplace, etc., as well as take shape from within the smoke of incense.
      Your purchase is for 1 Chilean Red Fire Dragon housed in this magnificent Dragon Amulet. Males & Females available. This amulet features your Fire Dragon sitting atop a red/orange/clear glass orb. The Dragon measures about 1 ½”. It is composed of base metal and comes with a 20” open link base metal recharging chain. This is a Gorgeous talisman that you could wear, carry with you or simply keep in a special place in your home. This piece exudes the Raw Power of the Fire Dragon!!

    These Dragons are very Sociable and Kindhearted and will get along wonderfully with any other Dragons or Spirits you may already own.
  All pertinent information will be included in your shipment.

Adult Chilean Red Fire Dragon Amulet + Chain

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