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Adopt a Mandrake Baby Haunted Doll
Adopt your Own
Rare Mandrake Baby!

  Mandrake (Mandragora) is one of the Most Sacred Plants of Witchcraft and has been used as an ingredient for various Spells, Oils, Potions and Offerings. The root of this plant resembles the body of person, and has been used as poppets for Centuries. In particular, Mandrake root is the most powerful herb of Love Magick. Mandrake root has also been used extensively in exorcisms as it is believed that demons cannot tolerate being near it. It was often placed on fireplace mantles to avert misfortune, which connects the Mandrake with the hearth & Ancestral Spirits. It brings good health to those who wear it. This herb, above all others you can use in your rituals and spells, is THE most potent magical herb you can use or find!

Mandrake has also long been the source of mystical speculation, with some viewing it as the primordial origin of man, while others have repeatedly written of it as being a key component in the creation of a Homunculus; a creation spoken of in Alchemy and other Arcane Arts that creates something akin to an artificial human.


Utilizing the Ancient teachings of my Celtic Ancestors, I have carefully harvested these enchanting organic Mandrake Babies during the night of the Full Moon of Lammas! They carry with them the essence & power of this Magickal plant! They bring protection, divert demons & negative forces, bring enhanced Ancestral Spiritual contact, good luck in Business and Gambling, better contact with Spirits, the Powers of Love & Attraction, increase fertility (if need be) and increased Psychic Powers. Wrap a dollar around the Mandrake doll and vast Fortunes and Wealth will be yours (it is a money multiplier)! Hang near or on your front door to protect your home from evil Spirits or near your bed for protection while you sleep. You will love having this little sweetie around, protecting your home or workplace with its intense Magickal Energies!
  Your purchase is for 1 adorable Mandrake Baby doll, about 7” (not including leaves), carefully handcrafted, they are similar but no 2 are exactly alike. Although you can't tell them apart physically, there are males and females available, if you have a preference, please let me know upon checkout. There is no formal ritual required and no special requirements for care, other than your love! *Please do not give them to children to play with, they are not toys!

**Availability is limited! Do not hesitate in making your purchase!
All pertinent information will be included in your shipment, including;
A beautiful Parchment Page for your Book of Shadows
A Spellcast Candle
Spellcast Incense

Adopt a Mandrake Baby Haunted Doll

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