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9 DAY Ultimate Chaos and Destruction Black Magick Voodoo Curse
Ultimate Chaos

and Destruction

Black Magick

Voodoo Curse

This Black Magick Voodoo Curse is performed by my associate, P. Jean. He creates a custom Spell to cause Chaos in the life of your enemy. This 9 Day Ritual is not to be taken lightly and used only when absolutely necessary. He has to take great measures to protect & cleanse himself while performing this ritual. It is so powerful that it is only to be performed by an experienced professional Voodoo High Priest, such as himself.

Utilizing Black Magick Voodoo invocations, curses and ritual herbs, candles and oils, he will create a custom spell for your intended target. This involves specialized and notably effective ingredients, including the name of your enemy.  These secret ingredients have been passed down through his generational line so as to help others throughout each era.  This Curse will turn their world upside down, spawning fights and arguments with their closest friends and family. For example, you could have two lovers start fighting and hating each other, causing their relationship to break up or marriage to fail. Another example is to cause your coworker and boss to fight, causing the termination of the employee, boss or both. Or an evil ex’s life to suffer with fights, loss of job, confusion, illness, sexual dysfunction, accidents, stress and delays, turmoil, bad luck, costly necessities breaking down/needing replacement, great sadness and all around horrible life. It will curse all aspects of their life and cause great agony.  If you experience someone that’s just a pain to be around, do not purchase this Spell! This Curse is intended for those who have done serious harm to you or someone you love and justice is warranted.

This is a very potent ritual and although it will not cause death, it will cause a great amount of pandemonium in one’s life. P. Jean will not be going easy on this Spell, and will inflict the maximum amount of damage. Even if your enemy has protective measures in place, there is nothing to stop the destruction that is coming for them. It is the 1-2 punch of the darkest of Voodoo Curses.

I will need you to email or message me the name of your specific target, their location, their date of birth (if you know it), a photo if you choose (it is not necessary), as well as any additional information that will help with focusing on the pawn.  This is only for 1 target, but you can purchase additional curses for other people.  If P. Jean feels your situation does not warrant this Curse, he will let me know to tell you, and we will refund your payment. Please trust his expertise and respect his decision. We are not here to waste anyone’s time.

There is nothing special you need to do, P. Jean will cover all aspects during the creation of the Curse and the 9 days following.  It will be attached to your enemy indefinitely.  He will choose the day that works best for him, which will most likely be within 7 days of your purchase.  If you don't see results, trust they are working as there are many aspects you cannot see, including the innerworkings of one's mind.  Since this is a service being perfomed for you, there will be nothing mailed to you.

Name and any other info. of enemy (you can also email me):

9 DAY Ultimate Chaos and Destruction Black Magick Voodoo Curse

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