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7 Hermetic Laws Emerald Tablet Esoteric Ring of Manifestations
Spellcast Emerald Tablet
7 Hermetic Natural Laws
Esoteric Ring of
Alchemical Manifestations

This exquisite Ring was Cast in a covert Sinclair Illuminati Ceremony utilizing the Secret Spell Code Doctrines of Hermes Trismegistus and his 7 Natural Laws of Alchemical Manifestations. These Spell Codes were transcribed during a precise planetary date and time. These Spells are all interwoven together and will manifest incredible Blessings in your life! It will greatly deepen your own personal power, as you connect to the Ancient Occult powers of the Universe and deepen your innate Spiritual connections. Hermes Trismegistus was the Alchemical God of Magick & Writing; a Greek deity combined with the Egyptian God Thoth and the basis for Hermeticism. The powers imbued into this ring will transform the lead in your life into Gold!

Hermes 7 Natural Laws Spells imbued into this Ring are:

1. The All is Mind; the Universe is Mental.
Your thoughts will shape your reality; if you can think it, you can achieve it! Simply thinking of what you want brings you in alignment with it, closer to getting it, and ultimately having it.

2. As Above, So Below.
All that manifests in the Universe emanates form the same source and principals, and manifests within its own plane of existence; think positive and positive things will happen to/for you; align your vibrations with the highest vibrational frequencies and that is what you will attract.

3. Nothing rests; everything m