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7 Archangels of Daily Miracles & Blessings Wishmaker Ring

Written in the divine Angelic language of the Cosmos and imbued with the Sacred Holy words of Creation, High Master Conjurer, Maantefin, imbued this Ring with Ancient Angelic Power. The result is this Extremely Powerful Holy Ring attuned to 7 Heavenly Archangels. Welcoming this beautiful Ring personally invites these Archangels to bless you with Miracles. Under Cosmic law these 7 Archangels are happy to help guide, support and protect you! Archangels are Highly positive Cosmic Angels and because of human’s free will, they will not step into your life without first been invited to do so. They need you to invite them into your life so they can fulfill their Divine purpose. This holy Angelic talisman was created so that the Archangels would view its obtainment as an open invitation to bestow their blessings and good fortune upon its owner. 


This Ring contains the very essence of these 7 holy Archangels! Each Archangel has supremacy over a particular day of the week. This Ring generates a different Angelic blessing and good fortune DAILY, with each Archangel automatically directing their positive influence over individual aspects of your Life. 


Sunday: Raphael ~he brings blessings of good health, harmony, speedy healing, weight loss or achieving your body goals, relaxation, meditation, and healing of mind, body & Spirit.

Monday: Gabriel ~ he enhances communication (with others or Spiritual), intuition, psychic development, creates balance & inner happiness, safety in travel, & Karma Clearing.

Tuesday: Chamuel ~ he brings comfort, compassion, expressive communication, love, creativity and forgiveness. He will help you with dissolving feelings of self-dislike, depression and low self-esteem. Call on Chamuel to help you with your divine mission and to guide you towards your Soulmate. Also ask him to facilitate personal relationships so that you enjoy peace and harmony in every area of your life.

Wednesday: Michael ~ he brings immense Protection, dissolves Hexes & Black Magick, cuts Etheric Cords. He also brings great success to all ventures involving career & work, business & commerce.

Thursday: Zadkiel ~ he brings wealth and good fortune, Justice, & transmutation. He frees your soul by allowing forgiveness and releasing past traumas. Call on Zadkiel to help bring positive energy.

Friday: Haniel ~ she assists you in embracing all aspects of yourself, including your strengths, setbacks and shadows. She’ll enhance your hidden talents and help you polish your skills; brings you fresh new creative ideas, inspiration & motivation. She can help with matters of appearance, beauty and attraction.

Saturday: Uriel ~ he brings the gifts of enhancing our thoughts and ideas, creativity, insights, magick, alchemy, astrology, universal consciousness, divine order, the distribution of power and the cosmic universal flow and the Earth's environment. He can help you if you’ve strayed from your Spiritual path. He is considered to be the most easy going and funniest of all the Archangels, so he will bring you uplifting and joyous thoughts.


This 7 Archangel Portal is a gorgeous Ring composed of a sparkling CZ gem set in stainless steel. This dazzling ring sparkles & generates the positive flow of the energy of the Archangels. You will feel happier & uplifted simply being in its presence. Please choose your Ring size from the drop-down menu. Owning this unique Angelic talisman is akin to possessing 7 divine Cosmic passports in one. It does not matter your Religious beliefs – they will help Anyone! Doors to good-fortune and opportunities you once thought were closed to you are miraculously opened and you are invited to go wherever your heart’s desire & deepest wishes take you. 


There is no formal Ritual Required ~ the 7 Archangels will immediately and automatically begin making positive changes for your benefit. If you choose to call upon them, do so how it is most comfortable for you - you may call upon each one on their certain day, all of them together, or any one on any day that you feel you need help with certain situations. The Archangels will bring you exactly what you need most in each moment in your Life. This Ring is known as the ‘Wishmaker’ due to the extremely positive & highly beneficial blessings it will create in Your Life. Miracles are sure to follow your purchase of this incredible Ring. 


All pertinent information will be included in your shipment.



7 Archangels of Daily Miracles & Blessings Wishmaker Ring

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