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6 Alux Mayan Nature Spirit Elf-like Worry Dolls Haunted
Alux Mayan Nature Spirit Elf-like Worry Doll
The Ancient Mayans were a deeply Spiritual people, connected passionately to Nature and the Cosmos. Their way of life involved connecting with Gods, Goddesses and other Nature Spirits to assist them in their daily lives. One of these Nature Spirits is a helpful Elf-like Sprite called an Alux. The Alux reside in caves & forests and are small Spirits about 1-2 feet tall. They wear the traditional clothing of the Ancient Maya people. They are invisible, but can manifest in physical form, if they so choose, and also shapeshift. These nocturnal Spirits are good luck bringers and enjoy helping plants, flowers & crops grow, altering weather patterns and bringing bounty & abundance to you in many different forms. They are extremely loyal and bring strong protection from thieves and evil. They were summoned by my associate, a Royal Mayan Shaman, using the appropriate sigils, herbs and Ancient Mayan invocations.

The legends within the Highland Indian Villages of Guatemala state: "If you have a problem, share it with your worry doll. Before going to bed, tell one worry to each doll, then place them beneath your pillow. While you sleep, the dolls will take your worries away!"

The Alux exist to help you, so no matter what you may be facing, as difficult as you think it may be, explain your issues to them so they can help you. They want nothing more than to see you happy and content! They are especially beneficial for Indigo/Crystal Children because they develop deep concerns regarding many 'adult' issues/problems.

The Alux have chosen these charming Worry Dolls as their vessels! You will receive a set of 6 Alux Worry Dolls, about an inch tall composed of colorful threads for clothing and paper bodies. The picture represents a sample; the colors and clothing patterns will vary.

All information will be included in your shipment.

6 Alux Mayan Nature Spirit Elf-like Worry Dolls Haunted

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