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5 Pooka/Puca Orb & Light Anomalies Shapshifting Fairy Coven Goblin Ring
Light Orb Shapeshifting
Irish Fairy
Goblin Ring
  Utilizing my Ancient Celtic Ancestral Spells, I’m honored to offer these delightful Pookas from Kildare! The Pooka (also known as Puca) are small Irish Fairy Goblins from the Fairy family of the Tylwyth Teg. They often shapeshift into large black horses with glowing golden eyes (sometimes rattling chains around their neck). In British lore they are known as the Will-o-the-Wisps. These Pookas are purely benevolent beings and come to bring you loyal companionship, protection and entertainment. They are also strong wish-granters and can fulfill your secret wishes & desires!

The Pooka’s blessings include:

Protects you from Evil Spirits

Repels Negative Energy & Evil eye

Breaks Hexes & Curses

Brings Lucid & Prophetic Dreams

3rd Eye Opening/Spirit Contact

Astral Travel/OBE’s

Helps maintain physical health & prevent illness

Good Luck/Having things work in your favor

Wealth & Riches

Business Success & Career Assistance

Helps boost Rituals & Spells

Animal Magick/Communication & Healing

Strengthens your natural talents

Increases Self-Esteem & Confidence

Upliftment; calms nerves & brings peace

Removes Spiritual Blocks so you can move forward

Brings Achievements, Wins/Victories

Brings New Opportunities

Ancient Wisdom

Divine Intuition

Wish Granting

They are nocturnal Spirits, being most active at dusk and all during the night. They can display paranormal phenomenon, their favorite being ghostly lights/orbs/balls of light. These anomalies can be both outside (especially near graveyards) & inside. Sometimes it appears as if a ghostly lantern is being lit or flickering. They can manipulate fire and make candle flames flicker. As ‘ghost lights’, you might see glowing orbs of light or flashes of light out of the corner of your eye in your home at night. You may see just 1 or multiple orbs & light phenomenon. They will not intentionally try to scare you, this activity is simply one way that they can demonstrate their presence. Please be aware that they can also tap/knock on walls and drop the temperature to very cold. You also might hear horse-type noises; hoofs, galloping, neighing, etc. The vessels have also been known to move by themselves. The Pookas also happily help human Spirits manifest in orb/light apparitions too (they use the Pooka’s energy to manifest).

Pookas are social Spirits and will get along very well with any other Spirits you happen to have in your collection. Pookas are happiest being with their own kind, so this ring holds 5 Pookas in their own little Coven! They are unnamed males & females (if you so desire, you can name them).

Your purchase is for 1 Pooka/Will-o-the-Wisp Ring composed of sterling silver and 5 dazzling CZ orb gems, housing your 5 Pookas. Choose your ring size from the drop-down menu.  Wear, carry with you or keep in a special place. Your Pookas will be your lifelong friends & confidants. You’ll never know how you did before without them!

All information will be included in your shipment.

5 Pooka/Puca Orb & Light Anomalies Shapshifting Fairy Coven Goblin Ring

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